Previously, the judging handbook was released a few weeks before the Jamboree and judges and iGEMers alike would find out late in the season how they were being evaluated. Materials were provided late in the season as that was the timing of iGEM and projects. Because timing was so late for the release of materials, iGEMers did not have much time to improve their projects in response to the case studies authored by the Executive and Judging Advisory committees.

Our hope is that by releasing the judging materials much earlier than in previous years, iGEMers can learn how they could be evaluated and judges will have ample time to familiarize themselves with materials well before we assign teams.

2016 Judging Handbook

The 2016 iGEM Judging Handbook is now available! The interactive pdf will help judges (and teams) through the evaluation process at the iGEM 2016 competition.

We have also included our mini-FAQ on judging to help judges prepare for the 2016 Giant Jamboree.

iGEM Judging Handbook

iGEM Judging mini-FAQ

iGEM Judging Call Notes