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  • Attributions

    We'd like to thank all the team members/individuals/organizations/companies who helped us and contributed efforts to our work

    All lab work was completed at Beijing Genome Institution(BGI) Shenzhen by team members of the 2016 BGIC_China iGEM team unless otherwise stated.

    Especially thanks for Mr. Boxiang Wang who provided lots of helps to our project.

    BGIC_China team

    (Names are arranged by alphabetic order of surnames)

    • Ms. Jiaqi Ao --- subcloning
    • Mr. Jack Byrnes --- presentation
    • Mr. Shangjun Cai --- subcloning, human practice, wiki contents, communications
    • Mr. Zeyu Cao --- subcloning, hardware engineering, presentation
    • Mr. Muhan Chen --- subcloning, theoretical studies, technical support
    • Mr. Xinzhi Chen --- subcloning, mathematical modelling
    • Mr. Qiulin Huang --- subcloning, plasmids design, theoretical studies, experiment design, wiki construction, data collection, data analysis, project design, 3D-modelling
    • Ms. Xianglin Huang --- student leader, human practice, team organization, funding, human resources, communications
    • Ms. Yuqian Huang --- mathematical modelling
    • Mr. Zhengfeng Liu --- subcloning, theoretical studies, project design, plasmids design, technical support
    • Ms. Yanci Qiu --- subcloning, experiment design, data collection, human resources
    • Mr. Huangda Gogo Shang --- presentation
    • Ms. Yixuan Song --- subcloning, data collection
    • Ms. Yufeng Wang --- subcloning, experiment design, data collection, human resources
    • Mr. Yinyu Xiong --- subcloning, data collection, plasmids design, theoretical studies, human practice, presentation
    • Ms. Qingyue Xue --- subcloning
    • Mr. Xiao Yang --- subcloning, data collection, experiment design, wiki contents, theoretical studies, human practice, presentation
    • Ms. Beiqi Zhang --- subcloning
    • Mr. Xiuhan Zhang --- subcloning
    • Mr. Tianpu Zhao --- student leader, human practice, subcloning, plasmids design, art design, theoretical studies, project design
    • Ms. Yufei Zhu --- subcloning

    General support

    Beijing Genomics Institution (BGI) Shenzhen

    Primer synthesis


    Wiki support


    iGEM Crowd Funding, August 2016

    In an attempt to improve the status of our cash flow, a crowdfunding program was put into action in August 2016, lasting a one-week period. The program was issued on an online platform in Beijing. In informative overview of the project and an introduction of the competition were produced. Well- organised repaying scheme was drawn whereas gifts represented by team postcards, T-shirts and sequencing service were emailed to donors in a gesture of gratitude. Just on the second day, a surprising amount of finance, 19,000 RMB were collected, an equivalence of $2,819, meeting the goal. The support from the wide range of individuals represented by friends, families teachers and schoolmates of the team members reflected, to an extent of significance, the public awareness built up by our endeavours of human practice over the months.

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