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    Since SFLS team and us both used the S30 cell-free system in our projects, so we assisted each other on different aspects. Our team helped SFLS team to validate the viability of gene expression in S30 cell-free system. Here is a link to their collaboration page:

    Here is an abstract from SFLS team:

    Team BGIC China>>Us

    Team BGIC China were working on a programmable and open-source Next Generation Bio-Chip (NGBC) which allows user with knowledge in synthetic biology to easily re-program and re-construct it in order to make new bio-chips with different functions. They based their NGBC on E. coli S30 Extract System for Circular DNA(Promega), the same with ours. They also utilized enzyme b-galactosidase (LacZ) as one of their reporter gene. So they helped us to test whether S30 system was qualified as a platform for translation of enzyme b-galactosidase (LacZ). Here is their result.

    The blue liquid in the small eppendorf is the S30 system with gene circuit coding enzyme b-galactosidase (LacZ) and its substrates, X-gal, after hours of reaction.

    It qualitatively proved that our S30 cell-free system works well.

    Fig.1 Test result in S30 cell-free system

    We also tested this with a different reporter gene, luciferase. Check our results in the “Proof of Concept” section of our wiki.

    SFLS>>Team BGIC China

    We helped Team BGIC China by constructing plasmid pfadr for them. Plasmid pfadr is already in the parts collection and is modified to be responsive to fatty acid. Here are some of the results we got in the process.

    Fig.2 The Nanodrop results of plasmid extraction

    Fig.3 The PCR result

    We have really close relationship with Team BGIC China, because we share the same laboratory with them and received training on the cloning cycled together. We also shared a great part of cloning materials in the beginning of our experiment because our materials haven’t arrived yet. We always had great communication about our projects and on our testing experiments, since our projects are based on the same technology platform-cell-free system.