Simay Ayhan

She is a senior undergraduate student at Molecular Biology and Genetics department in Bilkent University. Currently Simay is interested in cloning and expression of biofilm protein from B. subtilis and P. aeruginosa. In her free time, She likes swimming, playing volleyball and travelling.

Özge Beğli

Ozge has graduated from the department of Molecular Biology and Genetics of Bilkent University in 2016. During her major degree, she completed a minor program at Psychology department. Molecular Psychiatry, Psychopharmacology, and Synthetic Neurobiology are some of her areas of interests. She is a member of Bilkent UNAMBG iGEM'16 team. She is currently working on expression of recombinant proteins via Yeast Surface Display. In addition to these,she likes reading horror novels and cooking.

Hazal Beril Çatalak

She is a senior undergraduate on Molecular Biology and Genetics in Bilkent University. During her internship at SB^2L, she has worked on amplification of fluorescent protein signals by creating different fusion constructs. She has continued to work in the same lab since then, on biomineralization and controlling biofilm secretion. She loves to sing, play piano and keyboard, compose music and practice kendo.


Musa Efe Işılak

He previously worked on hepatocellular carcinoma xenotransplantation on zebrafısh at Bilkent University and structure of NuRD complex at the University of Sydney. He enjoys painting, e-sports and paragliding.

Büşra Merve Kırpat

She is a senior undergraduate student in Molecular Biology and Genetics in Bilkent University. She worked on labelling of CNS progenitors and subsequent developmental profiling of astrocytes during her internship at University of Leuven.

Ayşenaz Ozantürk

She is a senior undergraduate student in Molecular Biology and Genetics in Bilkent University. Previously has worked on TRIM5α host restriction factor against HIV-1 infection in Washington University in St Louis. She is interested in continuing onto research in the fields of Virology and Immunology. Likes board games, drawing and playing soccer.

         Adress:National Nanotechnology Research Center 
                Bilkent University
                06800 Çankaya
         Phone:  +90 555 353 7220 


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