Team:Cardiff Wales/Medal Criteria

Medal Criteria


1. Integrated Human Practices: Our Integrated Practices page describes the survey and interviews we conducted to better understand the ethical and practical considerations behind the development of a diagnostic tool for a STI.

2. Improve a previous part or project: We aimed to alter the function of the well-characterised LUXoperon by changing the wavelength of its light output.


1. Collaboration: We have greatly enjoyed interacting with iGEM teams from around the World, which has resulted in collaborations in which other teams have benefitted from research tools and expertise that we have available in Cardiff.

2. Human Practices: We have engaged in many outreach events to publicise the awesome potential of SynBio as well as discussing with appropriate professionals the important requirements needed for an effective diagnostic tool. These are outlined in our Human Practices page.

3. Validated Part:We have generated a biobrick containing a novel report, mKeima, driven by the arabinose inducible promotor pBAD. We aimed to use this tool to alter the light output of the LUXoperon that was expressed in a different bacterial cell, utilising the principles of the FUEL reaction.


1. Register and attend: We registered our team of seven students and we’re all looking forward to the Jamboree!.

2. Deliverables: We completed all of the required deliverables, including but not limited to creating this Wiki, creating a poster, developing our presentation, and sending DNA samples of our new Parts to the registry.

3. Attribution:

We hugely benefited from our interactions with a wide range of excellent people both in Cardiff and beyond. These are all mentioned in our attributions page.

4. Part: Our submitted BioBricks are documented on our Parts page


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