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Meet The Team!

Andrew Brimer

  • Second Year Biomedical Sciences
  • Worked in the lab
  • Only wears St Johns branded gear
  • Andrew is an aspiring medical student, with strong links in community volunteering. When he isn't busy leading St Johns Ambulance teams he works in the wet lab, sequencing every successful PCR, or setting them up. Alongside this he put his years of training cadets to use in presenting our project in Westminster and in Boston.

    Rob Newman

  • Second Year Genetics
  • Worked in the lab
  • Shouldn't be left unsupervised with dry ice
  • In charge of the FUEL side project, Rob designed the primers and assisted in the biobrick design that he would be working with. He also planned FLIM experiments with Oxford for collab. When he wasn't working on these he was: procuring and experimenting with Vibrio harveyi for outreach, 3D designing/printing, helping out in the lab/outreach, and reaffirming his inability to web design.

    Nik Demetriou

  • Second year Chemist
  • Worked in the lab
  • Slept in the lab
  • Nic the resident Cypriot was a core part of the wet lab team. Reliably set his hands to anything asked of him, Nick was a true workhorse.

    David McMaster

  • Second Year Biomedical Science
  • Worked in the lab
  • Instagrammer
  • With the project he worked on the bigger picture, working in the wet lab and ensuring time efficient work schedules, as well as presenting our project in Paris and Boston. A proven leader and proven light weight.

    Laura Bird

  • Second Year Biology
  • Worked in the lab and design
  • Resident artist
  • As the only core Biology student, Laura was involved in the wet lab practical work and our artistic efforts, designing our logo as well as our initial project posters.

    Christian Donohoe

  • Second year Chemist
  • Worked in lab
  • Has physically carried team on his back
  • As a chemist on a GMO project, Chris developed himself outside his field, gaining skills in practical microbiology and computer science through his work in wet lab and leading the wiki content and design. He also ventured outside some days, presenting the project in Paris and Westminster, as well as designing and presenting our poster in Boston.

    Asal Golshaie

  • Genetics Student
  • Human Practices guru
  • She likes poetry
  • Coordinated Human Practices. Organised all outreach events, consulted experts, and undertook the STI self testing kit investigation. In the lab, she was sometimes found cloning, and mostly lurking in dark rooms, testing her cultures for light. Initially organised collab with Oxford and WashU. Presented in Boston.

    Meet The Helpers

    Amit Jathoul

  • The Light Guy
  • Daniel Pass

  • The Computer Guy
  • Jamie Long

  • The Guy with the Recent Experience
  • Geraint Parry

  • The Details and the Money Guy
  • Cardiff_Wales

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