Distribution of the work was done democratically within the team; each of us chose the field that interests him more:

The laboratory team work under the guidance of Professor Berkovich who served as the scientific advisor of the group. We implemented this in practice the experiment and of course planned the next step into the night. Professor Berkovich helped us to examine the results and move on to the next stage of the experiment. Completion of the scientific knowledge was done with our staff of teachers; we studied the methods together from the Internet. The data processing was done by the team, primarily by the members who are strong in mathematics.

The Community Working Group worked completely independently. The teachers assisted us technically to make the events that occurred at school come real, all the initiatives were ours, the students. This group was also used for documenting the entire process, Writing surveys and their implementation.

Our English teacher Dave helped us with the rhetoric of the presentation in a professional manner, with emphasis on fluent English.

The site was the most complex, but for that there are friends who helped. 2 members of the group (computer geeks) built the site together; whenever they had a problem our math teacher gave them a solution – Ofir and classmates who are also addicted to computers.

After a long and extremely busy summer we would like to say:

We would like to thank all the generous donors, where without them it would have been impossible to be part of this competition. Each group enlightened us in a different field, each of the groups and the people are inseparable partners of Team "FLAVOFF".


Thank you to the organizations and generous people who donated their money to us, due to their generosity and belief, we can be part of this competition. We thank them sincerely for that!

  • Bank Hapoalim - Israel Commercial Bank, established in 1919.
  • Isracard- Israeli company offering Financial Services, established in 1975.
  • El-Al - Israel's largest airline and Flagship Company, established in 1949.
  • Member of Parliament Erel Margalit - Israeli government MP, businessman, and chairman of the international venture capital fund - JVP.
  • Jewish Federations of Canada - an umbrella organization representing 15 federations across Canada.
  • Discount Bank- Israel Discount Bank Ltd., is a commercial bank established in the Land of Israel during the British Mandate and operates in Israel to this day. The bank was founded in 1935.
  • Association 2020 - a non-profit organization that promotes the economic interests periphery in Israel.
  • Kiryat Shmona Tour Busses - transportation company operating in Upper Galilee.
  • Generous Jews in Israel and abroad.

Laboratory Support

We would like to thank the many people and organizations who contributed their extensive knowledge and time to us, and always welcomed us with blessings and patience. Their assistance was provided in a variety of topics during our work on the project.

  • GGA-GALIL Genetic Analysis Ltd.
  • Prof. Dani Bercovich specializes in performance of complex genetic screening of human genomic DNA. More particularly when the location of a genomic component is unknown, Prof. Bercovich is assisted in revealing new genes associated with human disease.
  • Scientific American - a popular science magazine published since 1845.

Event Support

We thank the organizations and individuals who helped us in preparing the planned events. With their help we were able to execute the events.

  • Atidim Association - is working to build a strong Israeli society, while maximizing the individual human potential benefit in the periphery, society and the economy.
  • Member of Parliament Yifat Biton Sasha - Israeli government MP. Past deputy mayor of our town, Kiryat Shmona.
  • Tel-Hai Academic College - founded in 1957.
  • Darca - High Schools Network, which was established with the support of the Ministry of Education to strengthen our schools in the periphery.
  • Migal - an independent research organization whose purpose is to promote and conduct research applications for the benefit of the public and private businesses.
  • Lakers Holdings Group.
  • Meyrav Moshe - responsible for organizing documents in our project, and the school secretary.
  • Municipality of Kiryat Shmona.
  • Synthetic Biology conference participants.
  • Economic Renewal Initiative Foundation.

Technical Support

We thank the people who helped us cope with the technical difficulties.

  • Meyrav Moshe - responsible for organizing documents in our project, and the school secretary.
  • Yair Soffer - school administrator who made sure all we needed was executed as quickly as possible.

Wiki support

  • Ofir Navon – Mathematics teacher at the school. Helped us in building site.

people involved in helping make a successful IGEM team

  • Darca - High Schools Network, which was established with the support of the Ministry of Education to strengthen our schools in the periphery.
  • Yifha Amit Schlayer - our former school principal, Danziger Darca.
  • Attorney Yehezkeli Ofir - Young Center CEO.


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