We believe that by means of the genetic testing we offer: Every person will be able to be aware of the potential medical risks according to his genetic background and to that of his family members, and thus will be able to reduce the risk for other family members.


SNPs gene panel which can determine people's preference of food tastes and as a result of that change people's taste sense and help them consume necessary oral medications even if they taste very bitter to them.


SNPs gene panel which can determine people's preference of food tastes using Taqman assay on the Fluidigm nano-fluidic gene dynamic array chips (96:96). Endpoint fluorescent image data is acquired on the BioMark™ System for genetic analysis and data is analyzed using the Fluidigm SNP Genotyping Analysis software, to obtain genotype cells.

Performing CRISPR on the non-taste SNP allele, to convert it to the taste allele, as a feasibility test to be able to change people's taste sense.


Fluidigm nano-fluidic gene dynamic array chips (96:96)


Genetic tests are central tools in personalized medicine (the genomic). They are carried out to determine the medical treatment that would be most suitable for the patient, regarding the type of medicine, to the correct dosage. The differences in the type or dosage of the medications are related to the differences in the genetic background of the patient. By means of genetic tests, it is possible to significantly improve the efficacy of the medicinal treatment and to reduce the damage of adverse effects, in a wide variety of diseases. By means of genetic testing, it is possible to avoid giving ineffective drugs and save great sums of money for the medical system.

Genetic tests have a very high potential from the standpoint of cost-effectiveness.

Genetic tests in research have a decisive contribution in the understanding of disease mechanisms, and in actual fact to the development of a means for prevention, diagnosis and treatment.

Genetic tests have a central function in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases, for the individual being tested, as well as for the relatives and present and future offspring.

Our product will be marketed to individuals and medical services that focus on nutrition. In The future we will expand the genetic testing and genomic editing as needed.

  • Logo design and Branding
  • website design and development FLAVOFF
  • Participation in the 2016 International Genetically Engineered Machine (iGEM) competition will help to raise our public profile.
  • Further research- companies conducting genomic tests.
  • Press Release- During the course of our project we received a lot of media coverage,
    We are the first high school in Israel to participate in the iGEM competition


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