The “FLAVOFF" team

Danciger Darca Comprehensive High School is situated in the northernmost city in Israel - Kiryat Shmona. The city is at a crossroad between Lebanon and Syria, the city has been bombed numerous times over the years from Lebanon due to the tense situation in the region.

Kiryat Shmona has one central comprehensive high school with 1400 students from seventh through twelfth grade. Darca Danciger is a public school.

The school is a public school housing 1400 students. There are a variety of students starting with students of excellence who are aimed at dealing with engineering fields in the future, medicine and trade in Israel. The school has 8 classes for students with special needs including regular students and youth at risk. The school students are Israeli citizens, former Lebanese citizens and residents from the Golan Heights (former Syrian citizens). The school practices and educates tolerance and love towards the other.

With a goal to pass on the knowledge in Synthetic Biology all around the country to the different religions, the city’s residents, the Kibbutz and village, to senior students and young children as well as the blind and elderly, all of these audiences met our Biotechnology major students in order to get introduced to another field of knowledge – Synthetic Biology.

Since Israel is an immigrants' country, we tried to determine if origin changes the phenotype and genotype of the sense of taste.

You are invited to dive into the MAGIC of TASTE…

Team members

Shir Sofer

I like drawing, playing the piano and the guitar. I love my family, and hanging out with my friends.

Amit Sabach

I like computer games and playing basketball.

Itay Dahan

I love Biotechnology a lot. Also, I like to hang out with my friends in my free time.

Amit kakon

I'm a professional tennis player, and in my free time I like being with my friends.

Shahar Yona

I believe that failures don’t exist unless you quit, you only need to remember why you started.

Avital Karadi

I like to play with my dogs, hang out with my friends, and go to gym. I care a lot about my family. "A strong willpower, determination and diligence promotes me in life".

Tomer Maman

I dance in a professional studio, Sing for my enjoyment, Write songs, long stories and articles which I publish on a youth website on the internet. The sentence that has been accompanying me my whole life and was told to me by my father- "be afraid of no one". The meaning of the sentence for me is to do what I love and want to do without being afraid of the reactions of others.

Gal Friedman

I like playing my guitar and I like the theoretical side of the music world. One of my favorite subjects in school is Biotechnology.

Daniel Rabinovich

I live in the prettiest place in Israel- the Galilee. I love fitness and everything that is related to healthy lifestyle. "You only live once".

Lidor kraversky

I like to play basketball and I play in our school basketball team.

May Horev

I like listening to music and reading books and I love learning new things. I'm curious and I'm passionate about the things I care about and love.

Yuval Aharon

I'm an instructor in a youth movement. I love being with my family, my friends, and also traveling in Israel and the world. "Every obstacle is a learning opportunity; every problem is a lesson that the universe summons us. The foundation of success is the desire to succeed".

instructors and advisors

Einav Bar Hanin

Qualifications: Second degree in environmental science.  Profession: Biotechnology teacher at the school and homeroom teacher.  Team: The combination of working with students and synthetic biology is something I have always wanted to do. It is a privilege to educate children and have an impact on their present and future.The idea of synthetic biology is amazing to me – taking theoretical knowledge, and with design and engineering turning it into a game of upgraded lego with useful products.

Dave Dubb

Originally from South Africa has been teaching English as a second language since 2002 and at Danciger Darca High School since 2007. He studied TESL and ran his own language school online and offline until he began working at the school. Currently he teaches sophomore and senior students at the school. Mr. Dubb also teaches and guides the school English debate team. In addition he teaches students conversational English after regular school hours. Mr. Dubb has been living in Kiryat Shmona for 20+ years, his goal and passion is to give students in the periphery everything he has is in his power to assist them to succeed at school and in the future.

Prof. Dani Bercovich

Prof. Dani Bercovich specializes in performance of complex genetic screening of human genomic DNA. More particularly, when the location of a genomic component is unknown, Prof. Bercovich is assisted in revealing new genes associated with human disease, by linkage testing techniques (genetic chips with SNP) or by Next-Generation- Sequencing of the entire human EXOM. New gene mutations, identified in the laboratory studies (Galil Genetic Analysis lab (GGA lab)) of Prof. Bercovich, are commonly used for intracellular studies and identification of the biological effects they cause. In recent years, using genetic chips, Professor Bercovich has also developed new diagnostic methods. With his state of the art knowledge, Professor Bercovich is a world-recognized expert in Molecular Genetics and has published more than 70 peer-reviewed articles in high impact journals including.

Magi Mualem

Qualifications: Second degree in biotechnology.  Profession: 20 years teaching biotechnology and biology at Danciger Darca High School. Vice principal at the school since 2008.  Team: Magi is the driving force of the team. Integrating the different teams and offers ideas to progress and improve the project. Magi is a parent-teacher- laboratory assistant-age affairs advisor figure for the entire team.

Hana Brandes

Hannah holds a degree in physics. Alongside her love of science of physics and science in general Hannah has gained a special love for the science of biotechnology. Hannah is the thinking and operational head for quite a few unique biotechnology projects carried out. In each of the projects Hannah has a crucial role in leading the students through the preparation labs, monitors the students' research processes and mainly through her love towards the students every new school year.

Gita Reinitz

Gita Reinitz is the COO and co- founder of CrisprIL. Her passion is helping scientists both young and old with their Crispr projects and importing quality Crispr products from around the world to keep Israel at the cutting edge of gene editing, at low prices and quick turnaround times so that anyone can access this technology.


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