Team:Dundee Schools


Welcome to Scotland’s first ever high school iGEM team! For our project, we have assigned our special agent spiRNA on a mission to target Vibrio cholerae and Shigella flexneri - two waterborne bacteria that cause the diseases Cholera and Shigellosis, often proving fatal in developing countries. To achieve this, we’ve created a fusion protein which will allow our spiRNA to hitch a ride out of E. coli. Our agent will sneak its way into the target pathogen and complete its mission by preventing the pathogen from causing an infection.

We’re targeting Cholera and Shigella specifically because they are both a major cause of fatalities in developing countries, due to treatments not being readily available or affordable. Therefore, we aim for our spiRNA to be a cheaper, more effective and more accessible alternative to current treatments; in other words, for it to FIGHT BACTERIAL INFECTIONS!