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We would also like to express our gratitude towards all the people who helped us through our project. You can see what we did ourselves at our teampage.

J. Grau, A.Wolf, M.Reschke, U.Bonas, S.Posch and J.Boch
Thank you for providing us with the TALgetter. This is program that allows scanning DNA sequences for putative target sites o a given TAL effector. We used it to design out software tool.
Beate Meyer (Insitute for Plant Genomics, Hanover)
Thank you for supervising, explaining difficult experiments and guiding us through the lab.
Susanne Banke-Neumann (Institute for Phytology, Hanover)
Thank you for managing our accounts and helping us organizing the sponsoring.
Dr. Frank Stahl (Institute for Technical Chemistry, Hanover)
Thank you for explaining Chip-experiments and giving us advice on how to design the oligos.
Anke Reason (Reason Inc.)
Thank you for donating our team shirts and helping us organizing them.
iGEM team Heidelberg
Thank you for providing us with your vectors from your project “Ring of Fire” (2014).
Marcel von der Haar (Institute for Technical Chemistry, Hanover)
Thank you for helping with the Chip-experiments and explaining the spotting process.

Our project would not have been possible without financial support from multiple sponsors and supporters.
Carl Roth IDT Leibniz University Hannover Leibniz Universitätsgesellschaft e.V. New England Biolabs Promega Sartorius SnapGene


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