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One part of our project is to design an online platform for team interactions. Since all the teams were having problems with communicating and sharing large files, we thought the Phabricator software is a great way to organize your team. This is why we decided it would be great if every team has the opportunity to use the same platform. Hopefully, it also simplifies the communication between different teams. We send the installation data to the iGEM team at Northeastern University in Boston. They tried it and liked our idea and the site. They did problems concerning organization and sharing ideas. Our Phabricator is a good alternative to other sites e.g. e-mail chains or online notebooks.

“Phabricator seems like a great platform for building a modular site that essentially does everything. If the site evolves in the future to include some other tools that iGEM teams will also need […], I can see how the site may be adopted widespread.” Joshua Timmons, iGEM Northeastern

Screenshot of the installed version
Screenshot of the installed version
Screenshot of the installed version
Screenshot of the installed version

Göttingen/Interlab Study

In Marburg, we also met the iGEM Team from Göttingen. Even though our projects have different focuses; because they are trying to create a B12 Synporter and we are working with TALE’s, we decided to collaborate for the Interlab study. The iGEM Team in Göttingen sent us their samples so that we could analyze them.


We were also a part of the iGEM Newsletter 2016, which was created by XMU-China team. They gave all interested teams the possibility to present their project as well as introducing their team in an online newsletter. The publication was then sent to all iGEM Teams to provide an opportunity for new collaborations or contact between the teams.

iGEM community

The European Experience

From July 2nd to 3rd, three of our team members joined “The European Experience”, a meet-up of iGEM teams from Europe, in Paris. Over 27 teams from around Europe were a part of this great weekend. We heard talks about the challenges and risks of synthetic biology as well as how it is a new business opportunity. We got the chance to connect with people from many parts of Europe while simultaneously getting to present our project and ask for advice or recommendations we also did a sightseeing tour through the city with the teams from Düsseldorf and Leiden.

European Experience in Paris
We met Randy Rettberg in Paris.

German Meetup Marburg

The iGEM team Marburg organised a two day meet-up for all the German teams to get together, communicate and learn from each other. All German teams were represented and also joined by the team from the SDU Denmark. Four of our team members drove to Marburg on August 5. In the evening, we split up in different groups, discovered the Oberstadt from Marburg and had first talks about the different projects. On Saturday, we heard different talks from the leader of Symikro Marburg and the mayor of the city. In addition, every team had the chance to present their own project and talk about collaborations. We finished the day off with some matches of bubble soccer and a barbecue. On the next day we all left happy and motivated to collaborate and support each other.

German Meetup in Marburg
German Meetup in Marburg
German Meetup in Marburg

Our project would not have been possible without financial support from multiple sponsors and supporters.
Carl Roth IDT Leibniz University Hannover Leibniz Universitätsgesellschaft e.V. New England Biolabs Promega Sartorius SnapGene


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