We are a group of undergraduate students belonging to the Department of Biotechnology at IIT Madras. We are passionate about synthetic biology and deeply believe in its potential to have a positive impact on society. Guided by our enthusiastic mentors Dr.Shashi Bala Prasad, Prof.Guhan Jayaraman and Prof. Nitish Mahapatra, we started working on our project in April 2016. We are truly fortunate to have a team comprising people with diverse and complementary skill sets. Our overarching goal is to bring synthetic biology truly under the field of engineering, by developing better systems and tools.

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We firmly believe that iGEM is a collaborative exercise that aims to advance the progress of synthetic biology. In this spirit, we collaborated with many iGEM teams this year: Paris Bettencourt, Hong Kong HKUST, IISC Bangalore and SVCE Chennai. We participated in the Indian iGEM team meet up that was held at SVCE in July. We learnt a lot from working with such talented teams!

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Our iGEM project would not have been possible without the help, advice and facility provided by many of our friends and professors. We would like to sincerely thank all of them for helping us and for being patient with us.