Team:Ionis Paris/HPintro


Human practices report and reflexion

This section is composed of our Human Practices study, in which we are presenting to you how we created the Quantifly project. We conducted an opinion survey to understand how the use of G.M.Os in air pollution detection would be received by the public, and we also lead a reflexion about the environmental context about air pollution as well as the risks that such a project could carry. In this way, we thought of several safety options that would allow the safest manipulation of our product.

While this reflexion is mainly ethical and theoretical, we took action to get closer to the public by organizing and participating in several events that would allow us to present our project to people. Those events are for us the concretisation and the best way to explain how synthetic biology can revolutionize the technological landcape as it can produce the best tools for sustainable development and ecological behaviour.

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Our Actions to communicate and talk about our project

In addition to our report, we wanted to put in motion a sensibilisation to G.M.Os usage in pollution detection, either to scientists or non scientists people, in order popularize what we are doing with Quantifly: machine-biology interaction as a tool to answer serious problematics.
As such, we made a point of collaborating with other iGEM teams to organize the biggest european event of the iGEM in 2016: the European Exprience, in which we gathered hundreds of people that could share around synthetic biology.

We also developped a mobile application game playable by anyone, that can transmit the concepts on which Quantifly is based on. in this way, we can show how our product functions and it helps to better understand the machine-biology mechanisms underlying our concept.

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