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Part Collection

Two part collections have been made. The first collection is a magnetosome toolkit that contains genes involved in magnetite formation. The other collection the amyloid collection with amyloid nano-fibril forming Sup35-NM fusion proteins. The magnetosome collection forms the start of a new biobrick-compatible magnetosome toolkit and the amyloid collection improves on the set created by Kent 2015.

Magnetosome collection:

Amyloid collection:

This collection contains parts that optimize the self-assembly process of amyloid fibrils by using the prion forming domain of sup35NM, as this is considered to be an improved building block for the assembly of functional nanostructures. The improved constructs do not contain the constitutive promoter (Part:BBa_J23104) as was used for (Part:BBa_K1739002), giving the user choice over the promoter that they use.The subsequent addition of the arabinose inducible promoter allows for tighter control for the expression of amyloid fibres.

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