Seventeen biobricks were produced, in two part collections, one a magnetosome collection and the other an amyloid collection. The majority of the parts were cloned into the pSB1C3 backbone using either Gibson assembly or restriction enzyme ligations. Some of parts were cloned into pSB1A3 because a co-transformation with a chloramphenicol resistant plasmid containing a cytochrome maturation factor is required for the parts to function, or because they needed to be transformed into VS45 E. coli strain that also contains a chloramphenicol resistant plasmid. The genes were initially cloned into plasmids containing an RFP indicator (BBa_JJ04450), which allowed for easy visualisation of correct colonies.

Name Type Description Designer Length
Bba_K1985000 Coding pSB1C3-MamP Jasmine Cornish 810 bp
Bba_K1985001 Coding pSB1C3-MamT Jasmine Cornish 525 bp
Bba_K1985002 Coding pSB1C3-MamX Jasmine Cornish 810 bp
Bba_K1985003 Coding pSB1C3-[SecS-sol-MamP] Jasmine Cornish 837 bp
Bba_K1985004 Coding pSB1C3-[SecS-sol-MamT] Jasmine Cornish 546 bp
Bba_K1985005 Coding pSB1C3-[SecS-sol-MamX] Jasmine Cornish 780 bp
Bba_K1985007 Coding pSB1A3-[AraC pBAD]-MamO Jasmine Cornish 3115
Bba_K1985017 Coding pSB1A3-[AraC-pBAD]-MamOP Jasmine Cornish 3931 bp
Bba_K1985008 Coding pSB1A3-[AraC-pBAD]-MamOPX Jasmine Cornish 4747 bp
Bba_K1985009 Coding pSB1A3-[AraC-pBAD]-MamOPXT Jasmine Cornish 5278 bp
Bba_K1985010 Coding pSB1C3-[CsgA-SS-Sup35-1-61] Rita Adriani 321 bp
Bba_K1985011 Coding pSB1C3-[CsgA-SS-Sup35-1-61-Cytb562] Rita Adriani 669 bp
Bba_K1985012 Coding pSB1C3-[CsgA-SS-Sup35NM] Hanya Benotmane 960 bp
Bba_K1985013 Composite pSB1A3-[AraC-pBAD]-[CsgA-SS-Sup35-1-61] Rita Adriani 1227 bp
Bba_K1985014 Composite pSB1A3-[AraC-pBAD]-[CsgA-SS-Sup35-1-61-Cytb562] Rita Adriani 1232 bp
Bba_K1985015 Composite pSB1A3-[AraC-pBAD]-[CsgA-SS-Sup35NM] Hanya Benotmane 1229 bp
Bba_K1985016 Regulatory pSB1A3 AraC pBAD Rita Adriani 1210 bp
Bba_K1985006 Coding pSB1C3-MamO Jasmine Cornish 810 bp

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