The Lambert High School iGEM Team
Lambert's team is comprised of 15 high school students from Suwanee, Georgia in the 11th and 12th grades. We are an after-school club that meets simply for the love of synthetic biology.

Meet The Team

Neha Balachandran
This is my fourth year in iGEM, and I have absolutely loved every moment. The people in it have become my best friends and family over the years. Apart from my ever growing interest in science, I love to read, watch Netflix, and travel the world. I plan to become a medical professional in the future and aid underserved populations.

Arjun Bhatt
I am constantly captivated by synthetic biology’s tremendous potential to affect our day to day lives. From the Parts Registry to the Giant Jamboree, iGEM has provided me with an outlet to pursue my passion in synthetic biology and use it to solve real world challenges. In addition to being an aspiring researcher, I am a competitive swimmer, Ultimate Frisbee player, and Netflix enthusiast.

Noora Chandasir
Being a part of the iGEM team has been such an amazing experience! I’ve learned more than I ever thought I could about synthetic biology and I have thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of it. Outside of iGEM, I enjoy traveling and hiking in the mountains, soccer, skiing, and snowboarding. In the future, I hope to become part of Doctors Without Borders and be in service to others in the field.

Elynna Chang
I have been a part of this team since my freshman year, and everyone on the team has since become my family. Aside from research, I enjoy playing piano, sketching landscapes, and experimenting with ramen in the kitchen. I plan to study biomedical engineering in the future. I look forward to meeting everyone at Jamboree!

Sara Cleland
I love learning more about biology, and I hope to continue to expand my knowledge of science in college and beyond. In my free time, I enjoy hanging out with my friends, reading Harry Potter, and watching Disney movies.

Alyssa Franklin
This is my second year on iGEM. I am grateful for the opportunity iGEM grants me to express my passion and gain experience in the career I wish to pursue: biomedical engineering. Outside of the lab, I enjoy running cross country and track, dancing, and reading, as well as traveling.

Jackson Harris
I love wet-lab and working with genetic constructs, which is good because about one-half of my average day is spent in the lab. Aside from that I read often, run fast, and sleep whenever I can find time.

Lauren Hong
I have been a part of the iGEM family for the past three years, and it's been such a valuable part of my high school experience; because of iGEM, I want to pursue biomedical engineering in my career. Besides living with our cells in the lab, I am a passionate soccer player and violinist. I can't wait to see awesome synthetic biology at Jamboree!

Jack Kwon
I am very interested in the field of biology and plan on pursuing it in college. iGEM has allowed me to experience labs in the high school setting which is very cool and I hope to benefit more from being part of the iGEM team!

Julia Leveille
This is my second year as a member of the Lambert iGEM team, and this opportunity has been an incredible learning experience for me! Through iGEM I have been able to pursue my passion for synthetic biology. Outside of iGEM, I run cross country and track, and love spending my free time outdoors, traveling, and hanging out with my friends.

Nivi Minjur
This is my first year on the iGEM team, and it has been an incredible experience so far! I hope to have a career in scientific research, but in my free time also enjoy playing viola, reading books and eating fancy desserts.

Lubna Orberger
This is my first year as a Lambert iGEM team member and I have enjoyed every moment of it. These past few months have allowed me to make the best of friends and further my knowledge in biology. In my pastime I enjoy hanging out with my friends, playing sports, and experiencing new things.

Natalie Shih
I hope to one day integrate the peace and love I find in nature with the scientific research I find so captivating. iGEM has been such an amazing experience for me, not only in the scientific aspect, but also in finding friends who I can connect to on an intellectual level. Thank you to everyone who has ever found joy in science, or made it their duty to expand humanity’s pool of knowledge; because of you our world is a more beautiful place.

David Standeven
Hi, I am a bacon loving, German speaking student at Lambert. I play Varsity football and do creative writing. I enjoy the challenge of a good debate and the work that comes with being on the iGEM team. My favorite scientist is Michio Kaku, a theoretical physicist that wrote string theory. I hope to major in Microbiology/synthetic biology.

Kevin Tao
This is my third year as a member of the Lambert iGEM team. I am interested in the field of biomedical engineering and hope to pursue a similar study in college. Working on an iGEM team has given me many opportunities to learn more about science and share my love of science with so many other people. Aside from iGEM, I spend my time playing piano, bass clarinet, and tennis.

Meet The Advisors

Janet Standeven
Lover of science, bread baking, knitting, gardening and home design. Passionate about Synthetic Biology and open source science through iGEM. Mother of three wonderful sons, wife of a patient and generous husband and second mother to a generation of talented, inquisitive, intelligent and constantly hungry students.

Shelby Cochran
My life is not my own, but that's the way I want it. My life belongs to the One who redeemed my soul, to my husband who stole my heart, to my parasitic offspring whom I adore and would sacrifice everything for, to my amazing students who keep me young. All I ask for is a small part of the day to release some endorphins in a thirty minute workout and a little bit of clean, iGEM green kale juice to keep me going!

Brittney Cantrell
If it involves coffee, campfires, tacos or dinosaurs, I'm in! A perfect day is one spent sharing my love for science with my freshmen who have affectionately been deemed my squirrels. Personal goals include turning all of my students into big ol' science nerds and continuing to travel. Free time is spent in the mountains hiking and backpacking with my sweet husband and two fur babies.


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