Team:METU HS Ankara/Attributions


General Support- Lab Support

Tuğba İnanç Gök

  • Biology teacher in METU High School
  • Primary Instructor
  • She assisted us throughout the year; she lead the human practices and contacted people so that we could make it possible to reach our goals. She is our pathfinder and she is the one who brings all team members together. She assisted us on brainstorming while coming up with the project idea. She helps us building the content of our wiki and design the wiki page. She coached us with our presentation. Without her, this project wouldn’t come to life.

Burak Kizil

  • Graduate of METU Biology Department.
  • Advisor
  • He helped us on setting the backbone of our project. He assisted us on brainstorming and helped us a lot while coming up with the project idea. He explained us all the lab rules, protocols and the machines that we used for our experiments. He made sure we were acting accordingly to the safety rules. He assisted us anytime we were having difficulty with protocols or any lab work. He coached us with our presentation.

Seniz Yuksel

  • Student of METU Biology Department.
  • Advisor
  • She assisted us with lab work, helped us anytime we had difficulty in the lab. She helped us understanding lab rules and protocols. She made sure we obey the safety rules throughout the year. She is the one who assisted us on designing our wiki. She coached us with presentation.

Difficult Technique Support-Lab Support

Assoc. Prof. Sreeparna Banerjee

  • Professor in METU Biology Department.
  • Secondary Instructor
  • She opened up her lab for us, we did culture on cancer cells by the supervision of her. She helped us with the experiments we did on cancer cells. She shared her wide knowledge about cancer with us. She and her articles guided us when we searched for a solution. She made it possible to conduct our experiments on cancer cells.

Sinem Tuncer

  • Post-doc in the METU Biology Department.
  • She assisted us on doing our lab work and she is the one we asked for advice when something is going wrong. She helped us with gene cloning protocols and co-culture experiments. She make it possible to conduct our experiments.

Sinem Ulusan

  • She helped us with the characterization for our K1658000 Cinnamyl alcohol dehydrogenase CAD1 part.

Human Practices Support

Dance With Cancer Association

  • Dance with Cancer Association (Kanserle Dans Dernegi) is a foundation that educates people about cancer, creates awareness and encourage cancer prevention and early detection for all types of cancer. With their assistance we brought the giant colon model to our school to introduce colon structure to students and teachers and raise awareness about colorectal cancer. They also helped in the bake sale we’ve organised to raise money for their foundation.

Wiki Support

Nedim Eskinazi

  • Computer Engineer
  • He helped us with the design of our wiki and taught us how to code. He made it possible to transfer our ideas into computer. He helped us on preparing our animation and our poster. Also he is the one who powered our logo according to our design. He’s professional when it comes to computer work.

Fundraising Help and Advice

Deniz Keskin

  • She is the managing director of METU Development Foundation Schools. She helped us by contributing money for our experiments.

Project Support and Advice

Prof. Dr. Suayib Yalcin

  • He is a professor currently working in Hacettepe University Cancer Institute. His main areas of research interest are gastrointestinal cancers. He shared his knowledge about colorectal cancer and gave a chance for us to question our pathway.

Hakan Yilmazer

  • He is an industrial design student in METU. He assisted us on designing and preparing our prototype. He gave advices about materials and machinery.

Dora Tütüncü

Özge Üçoluk

  • Students from METU High School
  • They helped us with our comic book. They asissted us to draw the characters, the setting, scan it to the computer.

Prof. Dr. Şimşek Demir

  • Electrical and electronic engineer in METU
  • He helped us with the electrical devices that we have used in our prototype. He designed a system consisting of led lights in order to make our prototype more understandable and remarkable.

We would like to thank everyone who helped us with our project and all of our sponsors who made it possible to reach our goals. They helped us in every aspect and have a very big role in our project. If they didn’t support us, we wouldn’t be successful.