Team:METU HS Ankara/Basic Part

Basic Parts



Our protein coding region –butCoaT- are digested from our whole construct with the enzymes SpeI, PstI an ligated with pSB1C3. This part enables our E.coli to secrete ButCoaT which is the enzyme that converts Acetyl-CoA to Butyrate.

Butyrate is a four carbon, short chain fatty acid, is formed in the human colon by bacterial fermentation of carbohydrates (including dietary fiber), and putatively suppresses colorectal cancer (CRC). It induces apoptosis and differentiation, inhibits proliferation of tumorous cells in colon flora. At the intestinal level, butyrate plays an administrative part on the transepithelial liquid transport, improves mucosal aggravation and oxidative status, strengthens the epithelial protection obstruction, and regulates instinctive affectability and intestinal motility. As it is claimed to suppress colorectal cancer, Butyrate is our agent to defeat cancerous cells.

Butyrate can be formed by numerous ways as in the figure below;

As Acetyl-CoA is readily present in the cells, we used an enzyme that directly converts Acetyl-CoA to our agent; Butyrate. Enzyme name is But-Coat, our protein coding region. Here we have schematic demonstration of reaction;