Melbourne iGEM 2016

Melbourne iGEM 2016

Melbourne iGEM 2016

Our Team


Dr. Amber Willems-Jones

Was the principal advisor to the team, she has been a continual source of guidance in our project and the running of the lab. Dr. Willems-Jones was instrumental in the creation, development and support of our lab and project, without her help the 2016 Melbourne iGEM team would have been impossible.

Dr. Leon Helfenbaum

Dr. Helfenbaum helped supervise and guide us in our biochemical techniques including the use of the more advanced equipment in the lab. Additionally he often helped troubleshoot when we ran into difficulties and provided sage advice when it was needed.

Associate Professor Paul Gooley

A/Prof Paul Gooley helped oversee the planning and design of the StarScaffold project. In particular he helped to guide the structure of the molecule and assisted in the planning of expression experiments.

Associate Professor Heung-Chin Cheng

A/Prof Cheng was instrumental in the creation of the team as a continuation of the 2014 Melbourne Team and advised us since the team's inception on design and planning issues. A/Prof Cheng has also generously allowed us use of critical equipment in his lab, without which our lab could not operate.

Dr. Heather Verkade, Dr. Alana Mitchell, and Dr. Terry Mulhern

Drs. Verkade, Mitchell, and Mulhern helped supervise our lab work. They were all incredibly generous with their time and saved us at the 12th hour more times than one can count. Without them we would not have been able to maintain regular laboratory hours and critical project momentum.

Brent Smith, Lynn Tran, and Maz Corrales

The biochemistry teaching lab technical staff were always there to help us when we (often) needed them. Without their incredible generosity and wealth of biochemical expertise we would have been completely lost this year.

Sean Lowe

In particular we'd like to thank Sean Lowe from the 2014 iGEM team for his advice and guidance in setting up the team and for his efforts in helping establish a Melbourne University iGEM community.

Peter Collins

We would like to thank Peter for his advice during the formation of the team.

The 2016 Melbourne iGEM Team was founded as an extracurricular group in a disused biochemistry laboratory across from the biochemistry staff offices. We began brainstorming and setting us the lab in February 2016. After much deliberation we decided on the StarScaffold and we began to flesh it out. After several months we ordered our DNA and began Lab work in early July. Training occurred throughout as we learnt new techniques and new people joined the team. Hopefully our hard work will come to benefit later years.

Team Member Attributions by Alphabetical Order of First Name:

Eileen Hu: Experiment Design, Lab Work, Graphic design, Sponsorship, Recruitment, Outreach

Ella Bocquet-Gaylard: Lab Work, Experiment Design, Lab Safety, Sponsorship, Recruitment, Outreach

Emily Sun: Lab Work

Hui-Min Tay: Lab Work

James Bennett: Modelling, Collaboration, Sponsorship, Website Design

Jeffrey Lai: Founder, Lab work, Experiment Design, Lab management, Audio Visual, Sponsorship, Recruitment, Project Design

Kimber Wise: Lab work, Sponsorship, Recruitment, Experiment Design, Outreach

Ray Shen: Lab work, Recruitment, Sponsorship, Lab Timetabling, Experimental Design

Robert Naturani: Project design, Experiment Design, Lab work, Lab management, Sponsorship, Recruitment, Outreach

Stephanie Li: Website Design

Sugan Ramasamy: Lab Work

Victor Lin: Founder, Recruitment

Wilfrid Speagle: Sponsorship, Lab Work