Team:NTNU Trondheim/HP/Silver

Human Practices

Making the community stronger

DNA snake game

In order to teach children about base pairs and codons, we created a simple web game based on the popular game "snake". Players must follow the codon orders given on the screen to build a protein. If the player gets the wrong base, their dna snake grows but they receive no score until they complete the current codon. In the future, we would like to implement stop codons and mutations to the snake as something the player also has to consider. The code necessary to play the game cannot be loaded on the wiki, but you may play the game here.

High School Lecture

With synthetic biology being a growing field, with wide potential usages, we wanted to reach out to the youths to explain to them what it is all about. We also have a secret wish that many, many more youths will find interest in synthetic biology in the future. This was the idea behind the game, but we also decided to go to a local high school and talk with them about igem, synthetic biology and our project. Hopefully we can inspire someone to choose this field!