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Bronze Criteria

Bronze #3 - As required by iGEM regulations, we have created an 'Attributions' page to recognize the work done by others that our project builds upon as well as the different support (both monetary and non-monetary) that made the project possible. You may access the page here or by clicking the attributions button on the navigation above.

Bronze #4 - We have created retron plasmid as a BioBrick essential to our project. You may view the part registrations here

Silver Criteria

Silver #1 - We have validated and characterized the following part here
Silver #2 - We have collaborated with the Oslo team by attending an iGEM conference and by testing each other's BioBrick pieces. You may read about this in our collaboration page here
Silver #3 - We have reached out to our community by creating a small web-based games to teach children about base pairs and by giving a speech at a local school in Trondheim. Read more here.

Gold Criteria

Gold #2 - We have improved a previous iGEM project by improving the CI repressor biobrick and characterized it here.
Gold #3 - We are working on our project's proof here. Since our proofing experiments will not be finished until after the wiki freeze, we have set up a page to post results here