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Meet the Trondheim iGEM team!

Individual Profiles

Mats Jønland

Mats is the team leader of Trondheim's 2016 team. In addition to doing lab work throughout the semester, Mats is also charged with managing project progress, setting up team meetings, and for securing funds for the team. In his spare time, Mats enjoys playing football and having a night out with friends.

Eivind Drejer

Eivind is the main lab lead for the project. He is responsible for overseeing lab procedures and for creating solutions for problems that arise in the lab. Being an iGEM veteran, he was also took on a consulting role where he coached the team in handle to prepare and manage the iGEM jamboree.

Nikolai Martyushenko

Nikolai is our systems designer for the project. He is responsible for the theory behind the project and designing how the logic gates will work within the systesm. His experience working in systems biology is a great asset to the team.

Astri B. Hauge

Astri is a master's student in Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology. Her main focus has been assisting in the lab by doing experimental work. Additionally, Astri has been charged with documenting the team's work throughout the project and keeping our lab journal up to date.

Monika Kopczyk

Monika is an international student pursuing her masters' in Biotechnology. She serves a diverse role on the team and wears many hats in order to fill all the roles we need. In addition to assisting others in the lab with experimental work, she has been our public relations manager and has leaded our efforts in social media outreach. Whenever the team makes a new discovery or just wants to keep our followers informed, she updates our social media outlets with the good news!

Daniel Satcher

Daniel is currently an international Masters' student at NTNU studying information systems. Despite coming from a background outside of biological engineering, he has learned a lot over the course of the project. Daniel is in charge of editing the wiki and for creating the RNA snake game prototype. In his spare time, Daniel likes to participate in common Norwegian activities such as hiking as well as playing computer games and creating memes.

Alexander Leguizamón

Alexander is an international student hailing from Colombia. During the course of the project, he achieved his master's in Chemical Engineering. Alexander worked with modelling and optimization for the project. He has implemented the model for the logic gate. In his spare time he likes to play guitar and work on his puns.