Project Summary

Hey everyone! This is our first year competing in IGEM and are very excited to be joining the community. We're a small university of 4000 students hidden away in the wilderness of northern British Columbia. Our project was inspired by the high levels of Copper in our water systems and the Mt. Polly mining disaster that released a large amount of copper and other metals into the environment. Because of these issues we're working on a water remediation project. We're hoping to use copper binding proteins to reduce the amount of copper in water.

This summer 12 students are working in a class like format to accomplish our goals. So far we've transformed a few of our desired parts into e.coli but are still waiting for a couple in the mail. Once all of our parts arrive we can start ligating them together. We're hoping that we can get the copper binding protein to attach to the outside of e. coli, by joining the sequences for the copper binder and a trans membrane anchor. Our team is ambitious, we hope that we can raise enough money to send all twelve of us to IGEM 2016. We're constantly working events and fundraising activities. We're very lucky to be Partnered with the Spirit of the North Health Care foundation who have helped us to reach out to the community and raise additional funds.


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