Gel Electrophoresis

Pouring a Gel:

  • Determine gel size and well size, insert cassette into tray
  • Add 0.01% SYBR-Safe to the final gel volume (about 30mL gel volume for a 10-well gel → 1–3uL SybrSafe)
  • Mix with the pipette tip, moving bubbles to a corner
  • Cover to cool for 10–15 min
  • Check to make sure the gel is fully solidified and appears uniform before removing the well comb
  • Turn the gel cassette so the wells are oriented toward the negative electrode (run to red)
  • Cover with 1X TAE until the gel is fully covered by a few mm of buffer

Running a Gel:

  • Plug in cassette, run at 100V
  • Check to make sure you are running to RED 
  • Check to make sure bubbles are forming at electrodes
  • Cover to run
  • Run for 15–20 minutes, but check loading dye progress

Visualizing a Gel:

  • Remove the gel from the electrophoresis chamber
  • Place in the viewing machine, select blue/UV light and set time to ~1 second
  • Adjust exposure until just a few pixels are saturated
  • Take picture and label the gels
  • Turn off the blue/UV light and clean everything