Team:Paris Bettencourt/Attributions


Allison Bricknell George and Mani Sai Suryateja Jammalamadaka worked on assay development and its measurement tool. We are grateful to Edwin ‘Jake’ Wintermute for his valuable suggestions throughout the work. We are in great debt to the Openlab of CRI and it’s members, Kevin Lhoste and Daniel L'orfèvre, Vladimir Hermand for giving us guidance and access to 3D printers, CNC and Laser cutting machines which were quite useful in reaching successful fabrication of Microplate on Fabric and for their guidance. We thank Song Xiaohu, Evolutionary Systems Biology Group (INSERM U1001) for his continuous monitoring for the image processing tool development. We acknowledge Dr. Ana Santos, Evolutionary systems Biology Group (INSERM U1001), for helping us while we were experimenting with our initial designs using PDMS. Omission of credits is deeply regretted. We would like to thank Arthur Dalaise, Founder of La Biche-Renard for helping us with 3D printing issues.


This project was done by Antoine Villa Antoine Poirot and Sébastien Gaultier. Anthocyanin data was obtained by Ibrahim Haouchine. Thanks to our advisors Jake and Jason for all their help with the figures. We would like to thank Philippe Morand from the microbiology lab of Cochin for his advice.


This project was done by Alicia Calvo-Villamañán and Sebastián Sosa-Carrillo. BpuI data and protein gels were obtained by Mislav Acman. A special thanks to our advisor Nadine Bongaerts for all the insight on Golden Gate and for the GFP sequences. A special thanks to our advisor Jake Wintermute for all the help with the figures and the pDUET system. Thank you to Afonso Bravo for the help with the his-tag purification. Thank you to IDT for the synthesis of our genes, and thanks to NEB for the enzymatic kits.


This project was done mostly by Shruthi Narayanan and Thomas Meiller-Legrand. We would like to thank Clément Nizak and the Nizak lab for help in designing the phage display protocol.


This project was done by Mislav Acman and Elisa Hubert. Special thank to Jake for sacrifying his jeans for science.


This project was done mostly by Mislav Acman and Mani Sai Suryateja Jammalamadaka. We would like Edwin ‘Jake’ Wintermute for his help.

Human Practices

The Human Practices were designed by the entire team with the help of our advisors. Face-to-face interviews were carried out by Alicia Calvo-Villamañán, Allison Bricknell George, Antoine Villa and Sébastien Gaultier (due to the fact that speaking french was necessary to perform them) and the data analysed by Alicia. A big thank you to our advisors Edwin 'Jake' Wintermute and Jason Bland for helping us analyse the results.


This project was done mostly by Allison Bricknell George. We would like to thank Edwin 'Jake' Wintermute for working on the technical constraints linked to enzymatic products, and dry cleaners that answered our questions, let us see their equipment, especially Pressing des Dames that gave very good insights on a dry cleaner's work process.


Props to the whole team for the wiki. A special thanks to the wiki wizard Allison, but also to the advisors Jake Wintermute for his great help, Jason and Nadine for their inputs and proof reading. Thank you to Ewen Corre for the wiki tutorial.

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