Team:Pumas Mexico


Synerg-G is the project designed by the students of Pumas Synbio.The synthetic Biology team, Pumas Synbio, seeks to develop an organism capable of carrying out useful functions for industry and society. According to airports and auxiliary services of Mexico (ASA), only in the in 2011, the aviation industry issued 675 million tons of CO2, which represents 2% of total global CO2 emissions.

In Mexico we consume 3.200 million of liters of aviation fuel annually, while we share the same conditions for innovation than other countries in terms of fuel. Pumas Synbio aims to improve the process of obtaining Pumas Synbio aims to improve the process of obtaining biofuel aircraft to improve the way competing in the market, we talk about investment of resources to find the efficientest chain production and increased income-producing states, and help to curb climate change.

The Syner-G project, seeks to improve a third generation biofuel that exceeding the current proposals. With the modification of beta oxidation of the green algae Chlorella vulgaris, from silencing genes related to Acyl-CoA synthetase, by siRNA, looking produce a strain