Collaboration with the iGEM Stockholm

The iGEM team from Karolinska Institutet (KI)/Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan (KTH) has a similar project and we want to thank them for always being open to discuss ideas. As part of our project regarding bacteriocins, we wanted to check the bactericidal effect on different bacterial strains. Stockholm (KTH/KI) contributed with that by performing a MIC test of crude cell extract containing our bacteriocins. Three different strains were used namely S. aureus, P. aeruginosa and E. Cloacae. Stockholms contribution with the MIC test made us able to compare their results to ours. For further information check out Demonstration & Results.

Collaboration with the Danish Technical University

We assisted the iGEM team from the Danish Technical University with the selection of a BioBrick. Their BioBrick did not express the desired gene, we suggested the use of K880005 instead.

Collaboration with Copenhagen University

Birka chaired a workshop on mathematic modelling, held at the Danish Technical University.

Collaboration with Chalmers University

At the Human Practices workshop in Copenhagen, our philosopher began a collaboration with Chalmers University. The iGEM team from Chalmers had made sci-fi novels as a way of presenting problems that could occur when working with GMO's. Our philosopher then made a sci-fi story for them, in dialogue style. The dialogue is focused on the Precautionary Principle.

Collaboration with the University of Virginia

The iGEM team from the University of Virginia asked us to help them by answering a survey, which we were more than happy to do.

Collaboration with the LMU and TUM Munich

We helped the LMU and TUM Munich iGEM team out by answering their survey about entrepreneurship. They had some great thoughts concerning the possibilities in creating a business through iGEM.

This team completed LMU-TUM_Munich's survey on Entrepreneurship in the iGEM community.

Over the summer we attended several meetups. Our first meetup was at the Danish Technical University, who held a meetup for the Danish teams. This was also where we initiated our collaboration about mathematics. We gave a talk about how to design a Wiki and we learned a lot from the other teams and generally had a blast!

In June we met up with the other Nordic iGEM teams at the Nordic Jamboree. We presented our project and received feedback on where we should further focus. When we heard the other teams presentations, we realized that the Stockholm iGEM team's project was almost identical to ours. Thus a collaboration was born with the iGEM team from Stockholm.

We also had a great road trip to Germany, where we met up with German teams. Here we had the chance to present our project and get some good constructive feedback on our video and project. It was also really inspiring to learn about the other team's project.

The University of Copenhagen held a meetup with focus on Human Practice, which we attended. We learned much from the meetup and had the opportunity to talk to Ana from iGEM Headquarters. She gave some great feedback! It was also at this meetup our collaboration with Chalmers University began.