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Nine months ago, twelve students went to a cottage far, far away. We were students from different lines of study and had hundreds of ideas. With the combined power of our diverse mindsets, we came up with the idea of Bacto-Aid. In the beginning it was nothing but an idea – but it was our idea. We envisioned Bacto-Aid to be a bandage with an envelope of biocompatible plastic (poly-β-hydroxybutyrate, PHB). The pad would consist of silk that promotes healing with incorporated bacteriocins, thereby preventing infections. Since then we have worked hard to make it more than just an idea. We have worked so hard that we believe that we achieved the requirements for the gold criteria.

Before explaining the idea in further details and showing you how far we got, we would like to introduce the team and everyone who helped us. You will also find an overview of what we achieved with regards to the iGEM competition and its medal requirements.

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