Practices & Prospects

The humanity in synthetic biology

A big part of participating in iGEM is spreading the word of synthetic biology and its applications. Therefore, we have done a lot of outreach. We have talked with different sectors of the society, e.g. high school students and laymen. We also reached out to experts and companies in order to get their point of view on Bacto-Aid. The feedback from both students and the industry has broaden our perspective. By integrating these new parts and insights into our project, we were brought a step closer to a desireable product. The industrial interest in the project has caught the attention of LEGO®, who wishes to meet us after the Jamboree.

Even though we have achieved awesome results, there is still a lot of work to be done before Bacto-Aid becomes a reality. For potential commercialization the project needs further optimization of the different systems. Especially a successful integration of bacteriocins into the recombinant spider-silk and the design of a feasible PHB production- and extraction system. The individual constituents of the project have each great potential for an integration into our daily lives. The entire plan for Bacto-Aid can be read in Prospects and the applications of the individual sub elements can be found in Perspectives.

We have likewise discussed the bioethical arguments in our project. The appeal to utility is an argument focused on an action's singular or multiple consequences for the society. We used this while reflecting on how Bacto-Aid can be a part of the future and what impact it will leave on the society.

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