Contribution of student team members

  • contributed ideas for the project
  • performed all cloning
  • performed all cell culture experiments (transfection, growth, fluorescence and luminescence reporter assays)
  • preformed all biochemical experiments (WB, fluorescence, luminescence measurements)
  • wrote all software and models for the project
  • built and tested hardware for ultrasound stimulation (Moduson)
  • gave online lectures on synthetic biology to interested high school students
  • modelling (Žiga and Lidija)
  • wrote, distributed and analyzed the results
  • designed the wiki page
  • drew the schemes for the project (Miha)
  • discussed the project and uses of synthetic biology with physicians, patients, experts for ethics and safety, media
  • establishing connections with other teams, specialists, patients and companies

 Support of instructors and advisors

  • basic training of students for techniques of recombinant DNA and cell biology (Jan, Tina L., Tina F., Maja, Mojca, Fabio, Žiga)
  • technical support with confocal microscopy (Mojca, Maja)
  • establishing a team morale and work ethics (all advisors)
  • establishing connections with experts on ethics and an artist (Roman)
  • discussing the results and editing the wiki (all advisors)
  • soliciting funds for the project (all advisors)

 We would like to thank our external associates for their support

  • Medical doctors and researchers prof. dr. Marko Živin, prof. dr. Tadej Battelino, doc. dr. Katarina Šurlan Popovič, asist. dr. Matjaž Sever and dr. Igor Drobnak for their time and suggestions
  • Argentinian artist Laura Olalde for collaborating with us and immersing us in the world of sci-art and contributing with the creation of the cell drawings
  • Sociologists prof. dr. Franc Mali, doc. dr. Toni Pustovrh for taking their time to have a discussion with the team about the cultural, ethical and sociological aspects of our project, as well as synthetic biology in general
  • Students and teachers from the Science Summer School at Ivanova korita in Montenegro for participating in an online course on synthetic biology, held by the Slovenian iGEM team
  • Darko Pajović, President of the Parliament of Montenegro
  • Dr. Rok Romih for performing electron microscope analysis
  • Patients with whom our team discussed the project and who expressed their views about the possible applications of our findings
  • Everyone at the Department of Synthetic Biology and Immunology at the National institute of Chemistry for their patient and friendly advice.