iGEM TU Eindhoven

  • Best New Application Project!
  • Best Model!
  • Best New Basic Part!
Bronze Medal
  • We have registered for iGEM and will attend the Gaint Jamboree, and had a great time during the summer.
  • We have documented our project on our wiki.
  • We will present a poster of our project at the Giant Jamboree.
  • We will give a 20 minute presentation about our project at the Giant Jamboree.
  • We have submitted our parts to the Registry.
  • We filled in the safety and judging forms.
  • We have attributed all aspects of our project
  • We have documented new BioBricks: Caspase9-CT52 BBa_K2065003 and mNeonGreen-CT52 BBa_K2065001.
  • We created and shared a description of our team's project.
Silver Medal
  • We have experimentally validated our BioBricks. In addition to the Bronze BioBrick part we also validated: SmallBiT-CT52 BBa_K2065000 and LargeBiT-CT52 BBa_K2065007.
  • We have done several collaborations, like writing a beginners guide for the molecule predictor software Rosetta together with iGEM team Technion and decrypt a DNA encoded message from iGEM team Groningen.
  • We have tackled issues in the context of our project and synthetic biology in general by creating a sustainable course on synthetic biology for high schools and spread awareness about synthetic biology via public events, conferences and articles.
Gold Medal
  • We have integrated human practices in our project by collaborating with the Dutch Institute for Health and Environment. We made our project inherently safe and analyzed how GMOs fit into the desires of stakeholders, ethics and the current GMO policy. We also proposed an improvement on this policy.
  • We have improved two BioBrick parts of iGEM team TU-Eindhoven 2015, BBa_K1761005 and BBa_K1761006 by providing missing information such as the protein sequence and protein properties. We also documented our experience using this BioBrick.
  • We documented our proof of concept consisting of our heterodimer and CT52-fused NanoBiT.


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