iGEM TU Eindhoven

General Support

The Institute for Complex Molecular Systems provided us our own office in the Ceres building of the Eindhoven University of Technology.

Advisors L. Brunsveld , T.F.A. de Greef , Prof.dr. M. Merkx

They helped us with brainstorming for a topic. During our project, they gave us helpful information about experiments and assays in the lab.

Lab Support
Lenne Lemmens

Lenne is a PhD student at our university whose research also involves the T14-3-3 protein. During the summer holidays she was our general supervisor in the lab and provided us answers to questions we had.

Anniek den Hamer

Anniek is a PhD student in the group of Luc Brunsveld. She helped us with designing the DNA sequences for our project and helped us during protein expression and performing assays with our proteins. She also provided the CT52-caspase-9 for our assays, since our variant could not be successfully synthesized in time.

Peggy de Graaf-Heuvelmans

Peggy gave us an introduction in the lab and taught us about lab safety. She also gave us access to the lab.

Moniek de Liefde

Moniek is the safety officer from our lab. She helped us by verifying if everything we did in the lab was under the GMO permit from our university.

Stijn Aper

Stijn Aper gave us an broad introduction how to work in the lab. He learned us all the basic lab skills we needed during our iGEM project. He also provided the DNA sequence for our scaffold, after Gibson Assembly of the T14-3-3 scaffold failed.

Ardjan van der Linden & Pascal Pieters

Pascal and Ardjan provided us with the BsaI restriction enzyme.

Cas van der Putten

Cas was a member of the 2015 iGEM team from Eindhoven. He helped us by providing lab materials that were left over from their project. He also gave us helpful information to get us started in the lab.

Remco Arts

Remco gave us useful information about one of our assays. He knew a lot about furimazine, a component needed for our NanoLuc assays.

Glenn Cremers

Glenn was a member of the 2014 iGEM team from Eindhoven. He gave us tips in the lab on how to improve our project. When we had questions, he was always able to help us.

Financial Support
Boukje van ‘t Hof-Damhuis

Boukje helped our team with solving structural problems that we faced during our project.

Leon Luwijs

Leon has been able to put up with all our questions and concerns about sponsoring, and helped taking care of these.

Sagitta Peeters

Sagitta visualized the financial aspects that are part of a project like ours, and helped us to face them.

Modeling Support
Tom de Greef Tom de Greef has helped a lot during the modelling process, Thanks to him we had access to a supercomputer on our university, which has helped a lot during the design of our proteins. Furthermore he gave us advice on how to further improve and visualize our results, and provided tons of literature to base our project design on.

Bart Markvoort Bart Markvoort provided information and advice on how to properly use the supercomputer and gave us useful feedback on the orthogonal pair design protocol we developed.

Minke Nijenhuis

Minke Nijenhuis is a Master's student at our university, she had previously written a protein-protein interaction model for a homodimeric T14-3-3 and CT52-caspase9, and thus provided the inspiration for the heterodimeric and homotetrameric T14-3-3 interaction model. She also answered some questions we had regarding our model and its optimization.

Job Roodhuizen

Job Roodhuizen provided us with a Linux crash course and helped us out a lot during the analysis of the computational alanine scan results by providing us with his self-written visualization program.

Anniek den Hamer

Anniek den Hamer is a PhD student at our university, she has a lot of knowledge about the T14-3-3/FC/CT52 complex and provided us with literature in which we could find vital parameters/constants to fill our model with.

Human Practices
Korienke Smit & Cecile van der Vlugt

Korienke and Cecile helped our team with finding ways in which our project was related to safety or how it could contribute to safety. They also gave us the opportunity to present our findings at a meetup with several Dutch GMO policymakers.

Public Relations
Ivo Jongsma en Barry van der Meer

Ivo and Barry gave us a media training, in which we gained some skills to also inform the society about our project.

Lieke van Gorp

Lieke knows all about the communication between universities and the media. She helped us with writing different parts and getting iGEM more famour on our university. Moreover, she gave us an opportunity to participate in a media training. With this media training we gained the ability to explain our project to the general public.

WIKI and animations
The WIKI and animations on the WIKI were designed and created by our team.


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