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iGEM TU Eindhoven

Basic Part

Our submission for best basic part is LargeBiT-CT52 (BBa_K2065007). The CT52-LargeBiT BioBrick is part of a split luciferase system. This luciferase system consists of two parts, namely SmallBiT and LargeBiT. It is an ATP-independent luciferase, that produces high intensity luminescence. The total weight of LargeBiT-CT52 is 25.8 kDa. The CT52-LargeBiT system consists of 171 amino acids. When they dimerize, this means when they come into close proximity of each other, they can emit bioluminescence in the presence of a substrate (furimazine). The emission peak of this NanoBiT system is around 460 nanometers.

The CT52 part of this BioBrick has affinity for the T14-3-3 scaffold protein. The binding between CT52 and T14-3-3 is mediated by the small molecule fusicoccin. Together with SmallBiT-CT52 this BioBrick is used in testing the quality of T14-3-3 heterodimers. More information about LargeBiT-CT52 can be found here.


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