Igem Tec 2016


We had the awesome opportunity to communicate and collaborate with many teams while working in our project.

SVCE Chennai.- They kindly answered our questions concerning the Promoter T7 and help us spread out our survey. We helped them out with by translating and answering their survey about GMOs in milk.

Virginia Team.- We answered their Biocontainment survey with which we received a collaboration badge for. They were happy to help with our Human Practices survey as well.

Westminster.- Helped with doubts about the T7 promoter, sent us an essay about biopesticides and answered our survey. In return we offered help with their business plan and some questions for farmers and of ‘course answered their survey about Synthetic Biology as well.

Guanajuato Meet-up.- We had the opportunity to go to Guanajuato city and show our project along with the iGEM mexican teams: Guanajuato_Mx Pumas_Mexico Tec-CEM Tec-Monterrey

EPF Laussane.- We sent a summary about our team and Project and they made us an interview, all for their wonderful blog which can be found here:

XMU China.- We were happy to send our contribution to their Newsletter.

UC-Davis.- We registered our team on the wonderful website they created: and answered their survey about the site. Thanks to this platform we had the chance to collaborate with other teams as well.

Peshawar.- Got in contact thanks to and we shared and answered each other surveys.

Guanajuato Meet-up

A big thank you to every team for making this experience so enriching and rewarding! The help of each one of you meant the world for us.

“A journey is best measured in friends rather than miles” - Tim Cahill