Igem Tec 2016

Advisors & Mentors

Our mentors are the people that have inspired us to aim to new heights in our goals, the individuals who have helped us overcome those challenges that many times stood in our path, the teachers who always pointed the right way even in times of darkness. Thanks to our advisors and mentors this project has developed to its maximum potential.


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Cd.Ph.D. Cynthia Lorena González Trevizo

> Cynthia is our primary PI; always making sure we fully understand the protocols, providing us with material and solving any question we have. Her area of expertise is biology (she’s done research with oocytes and embryos), and we can always discuss our ideas with her, to observe their viability. #MissNotebook

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Ph.D. Silvia Lorena Montes Fonseca

> Lorena is our secondary PI; she’s specialized in nanotechnology. She is the one that cheers us up when we’re feeling down, and encourages us to keep on going with the project. She also helps us understand the protocols and techniques we are not familiar with; and is very pragmatic. If we have a problem, she always goes down to the basics and helps us solve it in the easiest way possible. #TakeitEasy

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M.C. Silvia Ada de Conca

> Silvia is a specialist in technology law and Intellectual Property. She is our Mentor in the Human Practices area and is always ready to answer to questions, discuss ideas and share with us everything she knows!

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M.C. Julio Aguilar

> Julio is our mentor in the biosensor area, he also is our provider of material for this important element of our project.

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M.C. Héctor Sebastián Rodríguez Ramírez

> Professor Sebastian is helping us with the biosensor area, since he’s specialized in mechatronics and mathematical models.