We successfully registered our team and plan to attend the Jamboree.

We have met all deliverables. We have successfully documented our project on our wiki along with our attributions and parts registry by October 19th. We also plan to attend the jamboree and present our project and poster. Our judging form and safety form have been submitted on schedule, and we plan to submit our samples by the 21st.

We have completed our attributions page.

We have documented all of our required parts. GEM and helped Ryerson iGEM set up their first iGEM team.


We have validated and characterized at least one additional BioBrick part.

We have collaborated with Concordia to validate construct functionality and assisted and hosted events with iGEM teams.

We have demonstrated in depth human practices beyond the lab.


We have demonstrated integrated human practices alluding to our project.

We have proven that our cell-free system is functional via an in vitro assay.

We have demonstrated that our project can work under real-world-conditions.

We have further characterized 2013 York iGEM Gold sensing BioBrick BBa_K1127008 and added our results to the experience page .

Special Prizes

Integrated Human Practices


Basic Part

Composite Part

Part Collection


Applied Design