Endang (Susie) Susilawati - Lab Manager

Susie provided us with information regarding safety, training, supplies and ordering. She was our rescuer when we needed urgent reagents or needed help with regarding the equipments. Susie's support was crucial for us to perform daily wet lab activities.

Christian Euler - Biozone PhD Student

Christian provided feedback on our progress in the weekly meetings. He helped us with ordering reagents that are crucial to our projects and provided guidance on protocols.

Kayla Nemr - Biozone PhD Student

Kayla helped us troubleshooting when we needed the most. She played a major role in getting rid off major rode blocks in our project. These include troubleshooting ligations and assays.

Naveen provided guidance in designing sequence primers. He had the talent to understand how the project is progressing from our expressions and did his best to help.

Keith Pardee - Assistant Professor, University of Toronto Pharmacy Department

Keith halped us with designing Cell-Free Paper Based assays. As the author of the paper "Paper Based Cell-Free Gene Networks", he shared his protocols and helped troubleshooting.

Sean Caffrey - Executive Director, Biozone

Sean helped us secure a laboratory space for our project. He provided guidance on how to succeed in iGEM.


John DiMarco - Director of Information Technology, University of Toronto

John provided us with a high end graphics card for the server used by the Computational Team. Without his generous contribution, it would have been impossible to run the many of the GPU intensive computational tasks.

Guolivia Yuxiu - Pardee lab Member, University of Toronto Pharmacy Department

Livia was tremendously cooperative in the development of the Camera App for colorimetric analysis. During multiple online meetings, she was very insightful when discussing the application’s algorithms and provided us with helpful datasets.

Policy and Practices

Dr. Kevin Kain - Director, SAR Laboratories and Professor of Medicine at the University of Toronto, and holds a Canada Research Chair (Tier I) in Molecular Parasitology

We interviewed Dr. Kain about his research in malaria RDTs and community health engagement practices.

Dr. Ian Crandall - Associate Professor, Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy

We interviewed Dr. Ian Crandall about the parasitology of malaria and how to use incentive models to maximize the likelihood of human cooperation.

Dr. Clive Shiff - Associate Professor, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

We interviewed Dr. Clive Shiff about malaria RDTs and received feedback on environmental effects and sustainability.

Zoë Robaey - Researcher, Department of Research and Dialogue, Rathenau Institut

Our main contact for the Synenergene collaboration, Zoë provided helpful information about how to write application and techno-moral scenarios.

Dr. Todd Kuiken - Senior Program Associate and Co-Director of Biology Collectives, Science and Technology Innovation Program, Wilson Center

We hosted a Skype call with Dr. Kuiken who gave us feedback about our Human Practices project design

Dr. Peter Pennefather - Associate Professor, Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy

A panelist for our Synthetic Biology Conversation Café event

Dr. Bob Logan - Professor Emeritus, University of Toronto

A panelist for our Synthetic Biology Conversation Café event

Christian Donohoe - 3rd year MChem Chemistry, iGEM Cardiff

A panelist for our Synthetic Biology Conversation Café event