Week 2: May 24, 2016

Tuesday, 5/24/2016
In person: Karim, Celine, Kat, Bohdan, Mark, Hamed
Completed TDG training - transportation of dangerous chemical goods.
Written notes to be posted soon for those who have yet to complete it
Meet & Greet with Lydia W.L. Chen:
We were invited to have free luch with a potential new proffessor for the Chem. Eng. department. Her field is analytical chemistry, although she has tough a course in biotech at Brock University.
She spoke to us about pedagological methods, particularly in relation to developing online video content for undergraduate courses.
We exchanged business cards. Her email is
Christian Euler from Mahadevan lab:
Wondered if we could provide the Mahadevan lab with the Anderson library. Currently looking into if it is included in the 2015 kit/which plate and well.
Also unsure if he means Anderson promoters or RBS.
Follow up with Dr. Pardee advice:
If we do end up encorporating a positive feedback loop into our circuit, look into creating multiple parallel wells with and without the system, otherwise won't be able to quantify the reaction. (this is unless you are able to determine the rate of the standard reaction, and somehow measure the rate of your reaction on site)
LCR/UNS Articles:
Provide info about LCR/UNS design for plasmid assembly
Be sure to read them for more background before plasmid design:
1. Kok, S., Stanton, L. & Slaby, T. Rapid and reliable DNA assembly via ligase cycling reaction. ACS Synth. Biol. 3, 97–106 (2014)..pdf
Rapid construction of insulated genetic circuits via synthetic sequence-guided isothermal assembly..pdf
Unique nucleotide sequence -guided assembly of repetitive DNA parts for synthetic biology applications.pdf
Skype meeting tomorrow at 10:00-10:30pm.
Discuss roles and responsibilities for meeting with Dr. Mahadevan on thursday.