Week 2: May 25, 2016

Wednesday, 5/25
Finalizing the wet lab budget and proposal abstract:
"By creating a synthetic biological sensor, we can use it as a cheap, environmentally friendly and easily scalable for detecting gold. We will build cellulose paper with GolS, a transcriptional activator that can express the reporter gene LacZ in presence of gold. The activity of the LacZ can be visualized by a colour change on the paper to purple. This device will allow for a quick, easy and affordable method of detecting gold in soil and water samples. We will also create a mobile app that will use colourimetric analysis to determine the concentration of gold in the sample via the built-in smart phone camera. Along with the mobile app, we intend on designing a pipeline to discover novel gene clusters that are homologous in function to gold resistance and gold accumulation genes to discover new genes and operons that can be used as a green approach to the mining industry. The biosensing aspects can work to replace the existing gold detection methods in the mining industry as an affordable and green synthetic biology approach."
Proposed/estimated wet lab budget:
Estimated finances.xlsx
Predicting the 3D structure of GolS and its variants (
Decided to include the His tags on the C terminus with a TEV linker.
Follow up with Christian Euler regarding the Anderson promoter library
Asking Christian Euler to become our alternate graduate advisor (he agreed)
Kayla and Naveen will be gone June 23 - July 11
Sent out emails to Dr. Madahaven, Dr. Dias, Marc Fume, Dennis and Jordan from OG
For tomorrow:
Identify best promoter among pgolTS, pgolB and pges
GolB promoter- taken from - Pontel (2007).png
(pgolB: cttgaccttccaacactggcaaggtccagactggcaa)
Design plasmids using TetO-GFP and TetO-RFP in place of pgolB-LacZ and TetO-golS.
Decide which golS modification to use (up to two mods, but please rank them in order of favourability)
Follow up with Christian regarding His-tag