Team:UCAS/Human Practices



This year we are devoted to degrading antibiotics, which is expected to be applied to waste water treatment plants (WWTPs). So it is essential for us to communicate with the public and many other stakeholders.

From the Public

We carried an internet-based questionnaire using an online survey tool called SOJUMP ( We got more 1200 responses in total, which covered a wide range of participants, in terms of their age, field of study and so on. Using these statistics, we were able to analyze people’s knowledge on antibiotic related topics, and in particular, their opinions on our projects.

To the Next Generation

Science popularization is one of the many responsibilities of science majors. It builds a bridge for mutual understanding between scientists and the general public. Some of our team members delivered a wonderful speech to high school students in Beijing. They talked about synthetic biology and our project. The students showed great interests and enthusiasm for synthetic biology, which really impressed us.

With Counterparts

For iGEMers, only working in the lab is far from enough. In order to do our work in a better way, we need to discuss and communicate with others. This year, members from UCAS iGEM met with many excellent teams in China, including Peking University, Tianjin University and so on.

With Industrial Representatives

We are really honored to attend a lecture given by Prof. James Schroeder. Mr. Schroeder is a Penn Alumni and a synthetic biology advisor. At the event Synthetic Biology: China Innovation and Global Bioeconomy, Mr. Schroeder talked about China intellectual property and the opportunity for China to lead the bioeconomy. We also met many representatives from different companies around the world.

CCiC 2016 at SYSU

We attended the CCiC held at Sun-Yet Sen University in Guangzhou. We were happy to meet so many teams and iGEMers from all over China. As a new team, we got some quite helpful advice and general help from many advisors and students.