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UCL iGEM 2016 | BioSynthAge


We are all stakeholders in ageing hence why Biosynthage has been steeped in controversy since its very inception. However, with controversy come important questions. Some believe that we should not meddle with the human ageing process whereas others believe that we should think of ageing as a disease in order to start treating it. Biosynthage has really enjoyed exploring the depths of many debates which has caused us to constantly stop and reevaluate the next step forward within our project. We are constantly realising that with every new person we speak to, we uncover depths of new perspectives we never knew existed within in our story.

In the following sections, you can have a glimpse at the decisive factors that drove our project and continue to influence the progress of our novel technologies in the future. Below is a timeline of events and activities that the UCL iGEM team were doing this summer! We have details of each event in our human practices silver page!

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