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UCL iGEM 2016 | BioSynthAge


We have modelled two of our sub-projects


The purpose of our model was to help us to understand the dynamics of the arginine synthesis pathway, especially the effects of modyfying the inhibitory feedback loops.


Using this model, we were exploring the characteristics required for our construct to lead to oscillations in the levels of D-arabinose produced.


Both of our models were built using SimBiology® (The MathWorks, Inc.). SimBiology provides a clear graphical user interface and is easy to use by researchers who do not specialise in modelling. We hope that by choosing to develop our models using this tool, we make it easier for other researchers to use and adapt our models in the future.

We have also submitted our models to the EMBL-EBI BioModels Database. Arginine model's ID is MODEL1610150000 and xylitol model's ID is MODEL1610150001.