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UCL iGEM 2016 | BioSynthAge


Big thank you to all our sponsors, below you can see who they are and a short description of each.

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UCL Engineering

The UCL faculty of Engineering Sciences is one of eleven at UCL, and contains eleven departments itself that each specialise in training and research across a wide variety of disciplines. Using new pioneering and engaging techniques, the engineering sciences department is looking to produce scientist and researchers who have an international outlook and can mix together knowledge from multiple fields to produce solutions to current world problems.

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Integrated DNA Technologies are the world’s largest supplier of custom nucleic acids serving the areas of academic research, biotechnology, clinical diagnostics and pharmaceutical development. Their mission is to enable discovery in biology and medicine by improving nucleic acid synthesis technology. IDT products are enabling scientist to test for new genetic diseases discover new drugs and develop new treatments models tailored to the specific needs of individual patients.

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The Biochemical Society

The Biochemical society exists to advance the molecular and cellular biosciences both as an academic discipline and to promote its impact on areas including biotechnology, agriculture and medicine. They try to achieve this through publications, journals, scientific meetings, educational activities, policy work, awards and grants to scientist and students. The Biochemical Society is one of five societies working at Charles Darwin House to try and strengthen biology as a subject by bringing the diverse skills, opinions and expertise of individual member societies together.

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New England Biolabs

New England Biolabs produce and supply recombinant and native enzyme reagents for the life science research. ‘Created by scientists for scientists’, NEB is known for creating quality products and for helping to shape the bioscience research landscape by discovering, developing and supporting superior research reagents.

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SnapGene is a molecular biology software company born out of frustration after seeing how many avoidable mistakes were being made because biologist still didn't know the full properties of the DNA molecules they were using. For the creators of SnapGene the solution to this problem was simple. A molecular biology program that is easier to use then pen and paper, and which would automatically produce records of all the data produced so that it could be seen and used by all. This is how SnapGene was initially thought up and it has already won major funding from NIH and is being used all around the world by various labs and molecular biologists alike.

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Syngenta provide products and solutions to help farmers achieve global food security for a growing population, sustainably. Syngenta work by looking at agriculture through the eyes of growers, and by applying world-class science to develop crop protection products and seeds.

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Celebrating its 80th anniversary in 2014, Fujifilm is known as the world's largest photographic and imaging company. They are also innovating in medicine, highly functional materials, and many other high-tech areas.