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This project has been carried out by all the team members of CosmoCrops. This includes everything from defining the project, applying for funding, and design of the experimental set-up to communicate the science to the general and scientific public.



We would like to thanks the employees of the Plant and Environmental Sciences and the Niels Bohr Institute for answer all of our questions and helping us whenever needed. Moreover we want to give special thanks to our five supervisors and all the people who had helped us in a significant way.



Professor Poul Erik Jensen

  • Poul Erik is working within the field of Photosynthesis engineering, and how the photosynthesis can be engineered to be involved in the synthesis of high-value compounds. His competences within this field have really helped us in seeing the benefits of the cyanobacteria and how it can be used for a higher purpose than just biofuel.

Associate Professor Soitirios Kampranis

  • Soitirios is our synthetic biology expert. His work within the field of synthetic biology makes Soitirios the perfect person to provide the knowledge that is needed to make the project great. Furthermore, Soitirios has been big help with the cloning strategy and to identify and solving the big obstacles we have faced during the project.

Associate Professor Morten Bo Madsen

  • Morten Bo is working within the field of astrophysics and planet research, making him the expert we need if we want to go to space. During this project, he has been helping primarily Red lab with the use of the Mars chamber and helping with which parameters the organisms should be exposed to, to get the most realistic picture of the space environment.

PhD fellow Konstantinos Vavitsas

  • Konstantinos aka. Kostas is also working with cyanobacteria and how these can be used to produce high-value compounds. Kostas has been a big help being our Green lab supervisor, and helping overcome some of the many obstacles we have had faced and giving input to our ideas.

Coordinator Nanna Heinz

  • Nanna is coordinator at the Center for Synthetic Biology and knows a lot about outreach and how to make an outreach strategy. Due to this, Nanna has been of big importance in our outreach campaign like how to reach out to media, contacting the museums etc.


Asmus Koefoed

  • Asmus is one of the designers behind the Mars Chamber, and have helped us to understand how the chamber is used and how it works.

Dr. Lynn J. Rothschild

  • Lynn has been supervisor for the Stanford-Brown team since 2011, and knows a lot about iGEM. This combined with her position as an astrobiologist at NASA, she has been an amazing help in challenging our ideas and our project.

Post-Doc Thiago Barbosa Cahú

  • Thiago has helped a lot by showing us how the sucrose measurements and analysis were done.

Post-Doc Simon Dusséaux

  • Simon is our PLA expert. He has been giving advice on how to measure the amount of PLA our modified Bacillus subtilis produce, and has also been giving input to our cloning strategy and how it could be improved.

Ph.D. fellow Laura Kathrine Perby

  • Laura has been giving advices for plasmid purification and which cloning strains that would give the best results.

Associate professor Anja Thoe Fuglsang

  • Anja advised us on the choice on Bacillus subtilis vector.

Dr. Greta D’Angelo

  • Greta gave a talk about 3D printers in the beginning of the project to give us a basic understanding how 3D printers work and which plastic can be used in 3D printers.

Cecilie Cetti Hansen

  • Being a former iGEM member, Cecilie was a big help in the beginning of the project, to explain what we had to be aware of and making sure that everything was done until we got the hold of it ourselves.

Christina Toldbo

  • Also being a former iGEM member, Christina has been helping outreach with all of her contacts. Because of her, we have managed to reach out to much more people than we would have been able to otherwise.

Jonathan Asmundsen Arnesen

  • As a former iGEM member, Jonathan knows a lot of how to register the BioBricks to the website. He has hereby helped making sure that our BioBricks were designed in the correct way and that they were registered correctly in the database.


Dr. Seeichi Taguchi

  • Provider of Escherichia coli P(LA-co-3HB) plastic producing plasmid

Professor Pamela Silver

  • Provider of sucrose secreting cyanobacteria strain

Ph.D. fellow Stephanies Hayes

  • Provider of sucrose secreting cyanobacteria strain

Associate professor Ole Nybroe

  • Provider of B. subtilis 168

Ph.D. fellow Annette Petersen

  • Provider of E. coli DH5α

Graphic Designer Bárður Fríi Mikladal

  • Took all of our group pictures

Graphic Designer Claus Hall Christensen

  • Made our logo


We would also like to give a big thanks to our sponsors, without whom this project would not have been possible.

  • University of Copenhagen for donating money for our Human Practices Workshop
  • The Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences for letting us use their laboratory equipment for the project and for letting us use their rooms during our Human Practices Workshop and for donating money for the workshop
  • Center for synthetic biology for setting lab equipment and personnel available if anything was needed
  • Copenhagen Plant Science Center for setting lab equipment and personnel available if anything was needed
  • The Niels Bohr Institute for letting us use their Mars Chamber
  • Integrated DNA Technology for giving us 20kb DNA for free
  • Eurofins Genomics for giving us discount on sequencing and primers
  • QIAGEN for giving us 50% on the kits we use in the laboratory
  • New England BioLabs for giving us a Q5 high fidelity polymerase
  • The Lundbeck Foundation for supporting us financially and making the travel to Boston possible

  • For a more thorough description of our sponsors, go to our Funding page.


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