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Our goals cannot be achieved alone, that is a fact - it is too grand a mission to go on alone. This is one of the central values of iGEM itself, and so no less than 10 international collaborating teams would do:

Beyond the tangible lab-cooperation of the above, we have enjoyed many friendships with other teams - discussing our ideas, meeting at international meet-ups and spending hours upon hours on Skype co-developing our ideas.

Our most considerable collaboration is with iGEM Leiden of the Netherlands, who were true examples of the iGEM spirit when they performed experiments for us in their Random Positioning Machine (RPM), allowing us to know how our organisms grow without the usual knowledge of what is up and what is down.
In return, we conducted experiments on their organisms in the Jens Martin Mars Chamber located at UCPH, with parameters such as pressure, UV-radiation, CO2-atmospheres and temperature.

Imperial College are experts on mathematical modelling, and they offered to take a look at our system with this in mind. In return we offered growth and density data for our co-culture, so that they could anchor their theoretical work in actual lab-work as well. In the end, this exact exchange had little impact on our final projects - but it made us all a bit smarter, and made sure we all knew our projects to better detail.

DTU and SDU are our fellow Danes, and we have worked with them closely. From the Biobrick Tutorial hosted by DTU to our own Human Practices Workshop and the Modelling Workshop we all co-hosted at the University of Copenhagen Campus, and all the many social events we shared together. We have all been integral in the development of each other's projects.

Gothenburg-Chalmers are fellow proponents of the co-culture, and frequent guests of Copenhagen at our own workshop and at more casual social calls. We have been in dialogue with them throughout most of the project, and we have shared insights and experiences with each other. Similarly, we have engaged in dialogues with XMU-China and they were kind enough to include us in their global newsletter, combining knowledge of most teams in iGEM (anyone that took up their call).

Munich United 2016 needed help with a survey, whitch we of course helped with.


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