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Iris M Madsen

Iris is the project-manager behind this operation, as she is the one keeping the over-all perspective, ties up loose ends and tries to make sure everything fits together.
She is taking a bachelor in mathematics and travels the world in her spare time (and sometimes her "not-so-much" spare time). Somehow she still manages to be the one who's keeping track of the money and is supposebly best friends with all the university secretaries by now. Beside that, she is also the creative part of outreach, a green-lab-minion, HTML-rookie, co-writer of the upcoming article in ROOM, the meeting coordinater and possibly the most important thing - she tries to keep everyone happy and somewhat sane.

Member of the organisation team and the outreach team.


Andrea Charlie Stender Cordes

Charlie is the other half of the organization duo. She has organized two of the 3 extraordinary trips abroad, made the budget and she is responsible for this webpage, having written all code, and organised all pages. She is the one who has kept track of deadlines and requirements. She is studying for a Computer Science bachelor, and when she is not studying or working, she is playing Dungeons and Dragons with her friends.

Member of the organisation team and the funding team.


Giulia Perotti

Giulia is helping in the Red Lab, playing with the Mars Chamber when exposing the bacteria to low pressure and UV radiation. When she is not testing the behaviors of the organisms under these harsh conditions, she is writing her master thesis in astrochemistry, trying to understand the chemical evolution of star-forming regions. In her "spare time" she enjoys traveling the world or making the best tiramisu for the CosmoCroppers.

Member of the green lab team and the red lab team.


Nikolaj Pagh Kristensen

Nikolaj loves biomedical research of all kind, but if you show him a paper full of blots, you’re guaranteed to make him fall asleep. Comes from a background in biomedicine with a huge interest in immunology and inflammatory diseases which he hopes to cure within the next century (Yep, he’s an optimist). He primarily worked with funding, where he was the primary writer on the founding applications, which brought in about half of the founds, and working in green-lab where he has been setting up growth measurement assays, trouble-shooting and validating the results

Member of the green lab team and the funding team.


Joachim Steen Larsen

Joachim is studying for a MSc. in Biology-Biotechnology, having the BSc. in the same. He has just started his master thesis about plant-glycosylation of proteins in mammalian cells. At CosmoCrops, Joachim is mostly involved in Green lab and Outreach. In Green lab he is doing mostly the molecular biology part, making sure that our Bacillus subtilis will be able to produce P(LA-co-3HB). This includes designing the cloning strategy, growth experiment, execution of the experiments and troubleshooting when this did not work. In Red Lab he was one of the persons designing how to measure the viability after the exposure experiment. For outreach, he has been in contact with the media and setting up events at museums and the University of Copenhagen.

Member of the green lab team and the outreach team.


Joseph Parker

Joseph Parker is studying for an MSC in Biochemistry, specialising in Molecular Genetics. He earned a BSc in Biochemistry from the University of York in the UK. He is mostly involved with the Green Lab, specifically assisting with several sub-groups including cloning work, growth assays, media preparation and co-culture containment, and has participated in several outreach events.

Other than iGEM and his Master thesis (elucidating lncRNA function), Joseph spends his time learning Danish, reading about alternate areas of science he can never hope to understand and watching the GBP/DKK exchange rate. He has become famous in the group, for his brilliant mix of cynicism and dry British humor.

Member of the green lab team and the outreach team.


Estahel Naseri

Stael (Estahel), the idea generator and interdisciplinary mediator within the group has stood behind the conceptual and experimental set-up within the Red Lab on acclimating bacteria to Martian conditions. In the Green Lab, she has designed the analysis processes for bacteria providen from Red Lab, followed by optimization solutions as the obstacles occurred. With this interdisciplinary mindset incorporating theoretical and practical scientific problem-solving, the Martian “super strains” have been demonstrated. Furthermore, as the primer consultant for iGEM Leiden Team on experiments at JMMC for the E. Coli strains, she has made a journal upon the results exclusive to their application. Stael has additionally helped Outreach by presenting at conferences eg. EANA, elucidating the project for media eg. MARS ONE, lastly co-authoring an article in ROOM. Personally she seeks inspiration to boost her creativity and innovation within art, natural science and especially in combined manner in order to provide scientific articles, co-working with artists to create and innovate novel products for novel application.

Member of the red lab team and the outreach team.


Thue Christian Thann Nikolajsen

Thue is studying for a B.Sc in Physics, and within the confines of this project he has made himself an expert on the Mars Chamber, carrying out modifications and repairs as well as teaching its operation procedures to others. He has also developed quite affectionate bonds with the sterile bench in the Green Lab. Outside of lab work he participated in Outreach, spreading the word to media and facilitating the cooperation with the Danish candidate in Mars One.
In his free time he usually doesn't have any, and whatever is left goes towards maintaining his dry humor and exquisite sarcasm. Oh, and he usually goes by Christian in English.

Member of the red lab team and the outreach team.


Fouzia Hamid

Also called Fuzz never really understood why she chose biology field in the first place but loves every single tiny bit of a scientific conversation. She is acquiring a master degree in Biology-Biotechnology choosing cell physiology as her specialization and believes in one day the world will find cure for neurodegenerative diseases. Her innovative, intuitive and solution-oriented mind is her driving force for persistency and believe in that a problem always come along with their solution and it’s our job to pinch them out. She has been a co-presenter in 3 of 4 international conferences regarding iGEM and a co-author of an article in Room. She has been the brain behind the green lab and a left helping hand when it comes to minor details, troubleshooting and finding a bridge between the green lab and the red lab.
She strongly believes in the existence of mermaids and Harry Potter world, but that’s another part of the story.

Member of the green team, the funding team AND the outreach team.


Bastian Bakkensen

Bastian is studying his B.Sc. in Physics. His primary focuses as part of CosmoCrops have been working with the Mars Chamber at the HCØ Institute and searching for funding for the project through obscure physics grants. When not working on the project, he is likely to be found at the library of the Niels Bohr Institute or walking around in Copenhagen without any particular aim.

Member of the red lab team and the funding team.


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