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The Nitrogen Cycle is a biogeochemical cycle which has become extremely unbalanced. High nitrate levels in waterways cause drastic effects on the marine life and surrounding environment. To combat this, we set out to engineer an organism capable of reducing these nitrate ions. Throughout our experiments and outreach, we expanded the scope of our project. We developed a nitrate sensitive kill switch, as well as developed safety assurance cases in order to gain confidence in the safety of our system.

As you walk through this wiki, you'll navigate through the drawing board, the laboratory bench, as well as our experiences beyond the bench. Enjoy!

The Drawing Board

The background information, computational modeling, and project design that eventually made its way into our laboratory experiments.

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The Laboratory

Our wet lab experiments, lab notebook procedures, and novel application of safety assurance cases.

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Beyond the Bench

Our experiences outside of the lab, from public outreach experiences to inter-team collaboration, we had a blast!

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Our Sponsors

Our project and iGEM experience would not have been possible without our sponsors!

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Attribution of all external assistance, art, and web design.

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Meet the Team!

Our highly diverse of team of six undergraduates spans six majors and two countries.

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See the steps we took to ensure our own safety and the safety of our project.

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