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1. Registered to iGEM and the Giant Jamboree and looking forward to going to Boston!
2. Fulfilled all the Requirements with the great responsibility. A judging form can be found here.
3. All of our team members have contributed to the project in equal proportions. All the details of everyone’s input and a gratitude to those who have helped can be found on our Attributions page.
4. We have documented several new standard BioBrick Parts, which are of the crucial importance to our project, for example, BBa_K1983010 . All the parts can be found here.


1. We have validated several BioBrick Parts experimentally, for example, BBa_K1983006 or BBa_K1983007. The documented parts and the characterization details can be found on our Parts page or directly in the Parts Registry.
2. We have conducted numerous collaborations, with Oxford and WashU StLouis being our main collaborates. The details of all collaborations can be found on our Collaborations page.
3. Human practices are an important aspect of iGEM. We have mostly engaged ourselves in education and had plenty of opportunities to present our project and ideas to both common public of all ages and experienced specialists and get their feedback. A more thorough description of our Silver category on Human Practices page.


1. Our human practices were not restricted to public engagement only, but also were perfectly integrated into our project. We have engaged ourselves in a close communication with the potential users of our product and have gained a lot of influence on our project from different people. Collaboration on Human Practices with Oxford iGEM has also influenced the course of our project. More detailed descriptions of our wiki can be seen on our Human Practices Gold page.
2. We have also improved one of parts already documented in Parts Registry – a part BBa_K1692004. We have substantially improved its characterization and this improvement is documented on one of the Parts Registry pages .
3. We have provided a proof that our manufactured system is working properly, is fully functional and liable. The proof of concept can be found here . .


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