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The marketing department was responsible for creating our commercial offer, communicating with potential sponsors and handling our finances.

Laboratory team

The people who did the most of the labwork by testing our phenylalanine ammonia-lyase and Polyphe protein approaches.


In order to find the most stable mutants having multiple phenylalanine residues, we have developed a script based on R programming language. This script uses FoldX protein modeling program as a tool for protein mutagenesis and stability calculation. The script and its manual can be accessed at GitHub.

Interlab Group

Our team participated in one of the largest interlaboratory studies in synthetic biology. We contributed by helping establishing a baseline for replicability of fluorescence measurements and identified likely key sources of error.

Human Practices

Our human practices team organized a number of public discussions on current issues in life sciences such as GMOs, CRISPR/Cas9 system or ethical issues concerning the treatment of genetic diseases. We also met with specialists working with the treatment of phenylketonuria (PKU) in Lithuania to discussed the need for additional treatment options. Finally, we presented our project to the Lithuanian PKU patients’ association.

Public Relations

Our public relations department took care of our social media accounts such as Facebook and Twitter. We wrote a number of articles to most of Lithuanian news websites and an article to Bored Panda.



Rolandas Meškys, PhD
Kotryna Kvederavičiūtė, PhD student
Giedrius Gasiūnas, PhD
Mantvyda Marija Grušytė, MSc
Edita Sužiedelienė, PhD
Gintautas Tamulaitis, PhD
Giedrė Tamulaitienė, PhD
Miglė Kazlauskienė, PhD student
Paulius Toliušis, PhD student
Irmantas Mogila, BSc
Greta Bigelytė, BSc
Laurynas Vanagas, MSc
Remigijus Skirgaila, PhD


Rolandas Meškys, PhD
Audrius Gegeckas, PhD
Loreta Cimbalistienė, MD
Mindaugas Zaremba, PhD
Karolis Misiūnas, PhD student
Giedrius Vilkaitis, PhD
Česlovas Venclovas, PhD
Daumantas Matulis, PhD

Human Practices

Rytis Kalinauskas, BSc
Edgaras Kuodys, BSc
Veronika Dedonytė, PhD
Lilija Kalėdienė, PhD
Eugenijus Butkus, PhD
Simonas Liutika, BSc student
Dalia Matuliauskienė

Coding & Design

Konstantin Junovič, BSc
Algis Kriščiūnas, BSc
Miglė Mikutėnaitė, BSc
Giedrė Mikutėnaitė, BSc student
Gintvilė Bergerytė, BSc student
Danielius Dvareckas, Bsc
Martynas Sukackas
Autobahn Group, Inc.


Rūta Jauniškienė
Aurelija Olendraitė